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Mark Colbourne MBE

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Change & mindset expert sharing his own inspiring story in thought-provoking and life-changing keynotes

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Keynote speaker Mark Colbourne is a thought-provoking speaker with a mission to take you from zero to hero. Mark has had struggles himself but even after a near-death experience he got back up and continued to follow his dream with a positive attitude and a healthy outlook. His keynotes are inspiring and life-changing.

Mark Colbourne had a childhood dream of becoming a Professional Athlete and the opportunity to represent his country. Mark was always active and enjoyed climbing, triathlons and paragliding. However, it was the thrilling experience of paragliding that nearly killed him when his paragliding canopy collapsed and he crashed to the ground. A broken back and nearly 100 days lying motionless in the hospital, he refused to give up on his dream. After countless hours of rehabilitation and therapy, he took up a passion for cycling and in 2012, he could call himself a former World and Paralympic Champion. Mark always had the spirit and mindset of a true champion, and he used his logical goal setting methods to achieve his dream.

Today Mark is on a new journey as an international speaker on topics like change of attitude and the mindset of a champion. He shares his inspiring journey at international event and conferences and continues to motivate organisations and individuals. With Mark’s past experience he knows what it is like to having to start over and completely change your life and mindset. Mark believes that we are all born happy but unfortunately many people choose to focus on what they cannot achieve and they become unhappy.

During his time as a professional athlete, he worked with some of the biggest and best coaches and leaders. His keynotes and advice are a true reflection of all the lessons he’s learned and the challenges he has overcome. Mark Colbourne is invited to speak at big conferences in front of some of the most influential brands, and his keynotes are a sought-after world class experience.

See keynotes with Mark Colbourne MBE

    Keynote by Speaker Mark Colbourne

    It’s Not That Bad

    • This keynote is Mark’s most impactful one, and it teaches the audience to evaluate any situation and think about how bad the situation could truly be. This way any situation becomes possible to solve and conquer.

    Keynote by Speaker Mark Colbourne

    Think Like A Champion

    • The process of winning is all about correct goal-setting. When focusing on small yet important goals and milestones the bigger picture suddenly becomes accessible. It is the process and not the result we learn from.

    Keynote by Speaker Mark Colbourne

    Zero To Hero

    • In this emotional keynote, Mark challenges his audience to truly understand the Kubler-Ross Change Curve and understand the emotional journey to becoming a winner.

    Keynote by Speaker Mark Colbourne

    Surviving Change With Mindset

    • While change is an emotional process it is also a very logical one. In Mark’s most popular keynote he focuses on how to actually deal with change and how to think logically about striving to success.

    Customized keynotes by Speaker Mark Colbourne

    Bespoke (Based On Your Requirements)

    Mark also gives his clients the opportunity to receive a customized keynote. Mark just needs three key messages from you:

    • What actions/outcomes are you wanting your audience to leave the room with?
    • What thoughts would you like your guests to leave with?
    • What long-term achievement would you like your audience to focus on?
Non-binding request for Mark Colbourne MBE

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