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Mark Fritz

Mark Fritz

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Businessman and Leadership Expert

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Keynote speaker Mark Fritz is truly an international businessman. He has decades of experience in the buisinessworld gained from his time at Kodak, his travels, and studies. He has worked in countries all over the world, dealt with all aspects of business and today he brings up-to-date knowledge and advice which helps managers and leaders deal with cross-cultural teams that also work in different time-zones.

Mark is an “International”, and focused on helping executives to successfully lead across time zones and cultures. He is an expert in the leadership best practices that drive “ownership” for results across time zones and cultures, and is a visiting professor at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

Mark’s two keynote talks are WHY YOU NEVER WASH A RENTAL CAR (on leadership success using the power of ownership), and WHAT DO YOUR INBOX & CALENDAR SAY ABOUT YOU? (a different take on time management for greater leadership success). He is associated with the Global Leaders in Law group, and delivers seminars on leadership to General Counsels all over the world.

Mark brings the experience of an International Business career with Eastman Kodak Company to his teaching, having lived and worked in countries all across the world (in the USA, Singapore, Egypt, Italy, Netherlands, Japan and the UK). He has worked in various areas of the business (IT, Customer Services, Distribution and Quality), and has led both Pan-European Organisations and has been part of Pan-European Business Model Developments during this time with Kodak. Early in his career, Mark had led the implementations of home-grown enterprise systems in Kodak companies around the world, providing him with a tremendous learning of how business works (both top to bottom, and side to side), and then later worked alongside Kodak’s regional management to help develop Kodak’s European business models for the future. He has worked internationally for almost 30 years, and has been working across countries and cultures on a daily basis, and also provides business culture coaching to executives who are moving between regions of the world.

Mark is the author of Time to Get Started, a compilation of the best of his Daily Thoughts.
He is also the author of The Truth About Getting Things Done. It pulls together the most powerful ‘truths’ that encourage you to focus on doing what is really necessary, and has been translated into both Chinese and Korean.

See keynotes with Mark Fritz

    Keynote by Speaker Mark Fritz

    Developing 360 Degrees Influence

    • The author John Maxwell says “Leadership is Influence and Influence is Leadership”.
    • The speed and complexity of doing business (driven by real-time communications and globalization) is driving the need for today’s leaders to have strong and adaptable influencing skills.
    • To drive significant change, you will always need the ability to influence those around you to see that helping you is also in their self-interest too.
    • Leaders who are both successful in driving their company’s performance and successful in influencing their industry have developed a broad range of influencing skills and approaches.
    • This session is about sharing and discussing core influencing skills (backed up by research), how they can be grown, and how to put them to use in more creative ways to influence others and help you reach both your personal and company goals.


    Keynote by Speaker Mark Fritz

    The Power of Ownership in Leading Today’s Organisations

    • When was the last time you washed a rental car? Probably never! …because you don’t own it.
    • In leading your organisation in today’s complex and uncertain world, would you rather have your people renting or OWNING their job?
    • This session is about using the POWER OF OWNERSHP to become even more successful in leading your organisation.
    • Ownership starts with Personal Ownership because leadership success begins with leading yourself first.
    • Second, it’s about Enabling Personal Ownership in Others. And third, it’s about Enabling Team & Organisational Ownership.
    • The Power of Ownership starts with creating an OUTCOME focus. Why?…because you want your people not just taking ownership for an activity, but taking ownership for accomplishing an outcome.
    • That’s a big difference, as thinking and discussing in outcomes is the Language of Achievement, versus thinking and discussing activities is the language of busyness.
    • This highly interactive session shares ideas and insights as to how the power of ownership can help you become a more successful leader, and that the true power of a successful leader comes from the environment he or she enables; and from questions, and not answers.
    • Your people, who OWN their job, will always feel challenged to solve problems before bringing them back to you. However, your people who are renting their job, will do just as a rental car with a problem, they will give that problem right back to you.
    • The more OWNERSHIP your people take, the more successful you both will be.
    • Remember OUTCOMES drive OWNERSHIP, and ownership drives COMMITMENT – And this is WHY Ownership is Key!
    • If you were to ask the question, “What’s the successful OUTCOME from this session?” – It would be – “Understanding WHY enabling OUTCOME thinking and OWNERSHIP (personal, team & organizational) is key for leading a successful organisation in today’s business environment…and understanding how to ENABLE it in yourself, in others, and in your teams & organizations.
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