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Martha Rogers

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Peppers & Rogers Group executive, Ph.D., author, and business strategist known to help companies manage customer value

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Recognized for well over a decade as one of the leading authorities on customer-focused relationship management strategies, keynote speaker Martha Rogers, Ph.D., is an acclaimed author, business strategist and a founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, the world’s premier customer-centered consultancy.

Leading Authority on Customer Relationship Management Strategy

Business 2.0 magazine named Martha one of the 19 “most important business gurus” of the past century. The World Technology Network cited her as “an innovator most likely to create visionary ‘ripple effects’.” And in 2008, the Direct Marketing Association asked Martha to serve as Honorary Governor, noting that her contributions to the direct marketing business, and her name “symbolize ECHO excellence.”

Martha’s counsel and insight are regularly sought by Global 1000 and Blue Chip executives. Her experience in optimizing and documenting customer value, and her expertise in applying “out-of-the-box” thinking makes her equally popular among global media, engagement planners, event organizers, as well as corporate and association leaders who are eager to learn more about customer-centric concepts and methodologies.

Martha’s thought leadership and presentations routinely focus on the business issues that today’s global enterprises are grappling with, while trying to maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. These include:

• Balancing long- and short-term goals by managing customer value

• Building stronger customer relationships and customer experiences to build shareholder value

• What engagement, innovation and trust mean for the future viability of every business

• How to cascade the changes needed in an organization to build the value that customers create

• How to use increases in customer revenue and customer equity as the basis for compensation and reward

• Why and how to overhaul your business model before your competition (or channel partner) does it for you

With co-author Don Peppers, Martha has produced a legacy of international best-sellers that have collectively sold well over a million copies in 18 languages. Peppers’ and Rogers’ latest thinking is embodied in their newest book, Rules to Break & Laws to Follow—www.rulesandlaws.com— named as the inaugural title to Microsoft’s “Executive Leadership Series.” This timely publication addresses the challenges of success in a world where empowered customers and networked employees hold more power than the influence of your brand. The book further exposes the crisis of short-termism rampant in business today, and prescribes the path out.

Their 2005 publication of Return On Customersm (ROC) advanced the concept of the customer as a strategic asset, documenting that the customer base is capable of driving a company’s long-term economic worth. It climbed to the top 20 business books on Amazon.com, and was a top 10 best-seller for 2005 with 800-CEO-Read.

These successes follow in the footsteps of Peppers’ and Rogers’ other books, The One to One Future (1993), which BusinessWeek called “one of the bibles of new marketing”; Enterprise One to One (1997), which received a five-star rating from The Wall Street Journal; as well as The One to One Fieldbook (1999), The One to One Manager (1999); and One to One B2B, which made The New York Times best-seller list within a month of publication in 2001. The authors have also published the first-ever CRM textbook for university use in graduate level courses, Managing Customer Relationships (April 2004), which reached best-seller status in the business community within days of publication.

An Adjunct Professor at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Martha has been the co-director of the Duke Center for Customer Relationship Management. She is widely published in academic and trade journals, including Harvard Business Review, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and Journal of Applied Psychology. She has been named International Sales and Marketing Executives’ Educator of the Year.

Martha began her professional career as a copywriter and advertising executive, and earned her Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee as a Bickel fellow. At Peppers & Rogers Group, Martha has led several large subscriptionbased research studies focusing on particular aspects of CRM. She serves on the Boards of Directors for ClickSquared and eGlue.

See keynotes with Martha Rogers

    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Culture of the Customer

    • The 3 C’s of a Sustainable Business –Colleague, Channel, and Customer
    • If You’re Seeking Customers for Your Products, You Need a New Navigation System
    • Global Efficiency, Local Autonomy and Competitive Advantage


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Customer Experience

    • Bad Service Bulletin: You Can’t Un-Google Yourself
    • Please Press “ * “ for Superlative: The Value of Your Front Line Contact Centers
    • Dancing Shoes for Honeybees: Word of Mouth, Buzz, and Social Networks
    • The Strontium-90 Effect: A Customer Experience Lasts Longer than You Think


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Leadership in the New Economic World Order

    • Competing for Trust: Post Crisis Strategies for a Twitter Economy
    • Leadership in Times of Challenge and Opportunity
    • You Can’t Outrun a Bear Market, But You Can be Ready for the Recovery
    • Radical Times Require Radical Action: Leaders Needed, Inquire Within


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Enterprise Engagement—Enabling Your Brand Ambassadors

    • The Compelling Economics of Enterprise Engagement
    • You Can Lead a Force to Water, But You Can’t Make them Think
    • Is Your Corporate Culture an Advantage or an Albatross?
    • The Company You Keep: Employee Culture for Competitive Survival


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Ethics and Trust as KPI’s for Success

    • Violate Your Customers’ Trust, and Kiss Your Asset Good-Bye
    • Have I Ever Lied to You? Ethics as the Basis for Business Strategy
    • Cultivating Trust isn’t Expensive – It’s Essential !
    • Integrity Isn’t Elastic: Ethics and Trust Can Never be Part-Time Values


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers


    • Bits, Bytes and Bucks: Monetizing New Technology and Relationships
    • She Blinded Me with Science: Tomorrow Comes Faster Than It Used To
    • Excellence or Innovation? Pick One
    • Innovation & Advantage: Driving Creativity for Competitive Stance
    • The Wisdom of Dissent: Innovative Decisions Require Diverse Points of View


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Looking Forward

    • Social Networks and How to Leverage Them
    • Tweet, Google, Bing, POP – Ride the Bubble, Avoid the Drop
    • Merging with Our Machines: PMT, WOM and Society
    • The 1to1 Future: Are We There Yet?


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Metrics for the Long-term

    • Long-Term Leadership in a Short-Term World
    • Return on Customer: Breaking the Rules to Maximize Enterprise Value
    • Have You Looked at Your Data Lately? You Can Get More for Less
    • Customers Are Like Little Financial Assets, with Collective Memory


    Keynote by Speaker Martha Rogers

    Relationship Strength and Loyalty

    • The Three Rs of Loyalty: Relationship, Reward, Recognition
    • At What Price Loyalty? ~ The Six Myths of Customer Loyalty
    • Loyalty IS the New Black: Best Practices and the Value of Relationship Strength
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