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Martijn Arets

Entrepreneur and Personal Branding Expert
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Martijn Arets is an international expert in scalable peer to peer (p2p) online platforms, such as Airbnb, Kickstarter and Uber. Particularly young companies that have started as outsiders and by harnessing the unrealised potential of the internet and technology, become international players in their own right.

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Keynote speaker Martijn Arets travels the world speaking to the influential leaders and experts behind some of today’s biggest online platforms. Martijn believes that over the next decade, most industries and sector will be affected by the implementation of p2p technologies, with the shining examples of Airbnb, Kickstarter, Wikipedia and Uber. Over the past three years, he has spoken in 12 countries and with over 300 experts, developing a unique perspective into how the business landscape is changing and how it will impact companies and organisations going into the future.

It is also important that existing ‘old economy’ is integrated into the new way of doing things, just because there a new trend or practice doesn’t mean that existing practices don’t work any more. Our speaker Martijn Arets focuses on finding the right balance of embracing the new, while acknowledging the old.

In 2010, Martijn decided to leave his job as a marketing and communications manager and drive through europe in interview the leaders behind 20 of the biggest European brands. Over five months, strong-minded speaker Martijn Arets took his Volkswagen T2 to the leaders of Adidas, Lego, Alessi, Manchester United and Skype to name a few. He then took these experiences to form the basis of his book ‘Brand Expedition’ which is both Dutch and English.

Influential speaker Martijn Arets was named among the ‘40 European Young Potential Leaders Under 40’ and was also named by Sprout as Best Entrepreneur of 2011.

    Speaker Martijn Arets Keynote Topics

    • Brand Expedition
    • Sharing Economy
    • New Economy
    • Crowdfunding
    • Disruptive Innovation
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