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Martijn Aslander

Innovation Expert and Public Speaker
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Martijn Aslander is a thought leader, public speaker and executive sparring partner. He has the unique ability to challenge business leaders to think outside of the box has landed him in boardrooms all over the world.

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As an explorer of the information age, Martijn Aslander use his insights into networking and new trends in technology to help the leaders of global brands future proof their operations. He teaches them to think differently about their sales and influence, Martijn helps prepare businesses for the new economy. The disruptive innovation which is now present in almost every sector due to the introduction of technology, means that even industries which were seen as immune from change are at risk.

Martijn is an expert in value creation, marketing 2.0, complementary economics, networking and life-hacking, with disruptive views on social and information capital. He recently gave the prediction that tech will wipe out the entire financial sector, which may seem apocalyptic to those in the financial establishment. But it is in fact the likely outcome with the consistent rise of FinTech businesses across the globe.

As an internationally recognised speaker, Martijn has a reputation for being captivating, confusing entertaining, informing and inspiring audiences in his native Netherlands and internationally. For him, it’s not just about effecting a paradigm shift, it’s about creating a better world.

    Speaker Martijn Aslander Keynote Topics

    • Innovation
    • Lifehacking
    • Disruption
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