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Matt McFadyen

Polar Adventurer and Sailor
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Matt McFadyen’s brush with death in the icy waters of the Great Southern Ocean ignited a passion to lead others to the ends of the earth.  Record-breaking polar adventurer, sailor, and inspirational speaker Matt McFadyen takes an audience on powerful leadership adventures.

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Inspirational Leadership Stories

Using the latest in interactive technology, the audience makes critical decisions during the unique and compelling journey.   Pushing toward the ends of the earth, Matt led his teams, and leads the audience through the emotional highs and lows and to the extremes of human potential.  These leadership stories inspire audiences to challenge themselves and their teams to think differently and push for success both personally and professionally.

Antarctica:  Ignite the Fight

As a 22-year-old, Matt and 4 others set sail aboard a 43-foot yacht bound for Antarctica on a 54-day expedition across one of the deadliest and dangerous oceans on the planet.  After a near fatal storm nearly a thousand miles from land, Matt’s and the teams heroic fight for survival sparked a change in Matt’s life and the event became the foundation of his leadership journey.

The North Pole:  Sitting Still Means Going Backwards

Matt’s brush with death in the icy waters of the Great Southern Ocean ignited a passion to lead others to the ends of the earth.  Eighteen months after returning from Antarctica, Matt became the youngest Australian to reach the North Pole, returning as an expedition co-leader on 2 more occasions.  Surviving 45 degrees below zero to battling ice drifts that move the team backwards while dragging heavy sleds, Matt knows the perseverance needed to lead a team through challenge, change, and ambiguity.

The Power of Partnership

Leading his most recent journey to the North Pole in 2008, Matt partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers on an 18-month long employee engagement program.  Testing the true meaning of partnership, the program climaxed with Matt leading a PwC senior partner to the North Pole to observe the effects of climate change in the high Arctic—through persistence, planning, and determination the partnership culminated in an inspirational and relevant experience for thousands of employees across the country

About Matt

A keynote speaker and facilitator, Matt has worked with diverse global organizations to engage, align and inspire leaders and their teams.  His stories are inspirational, relevant, and memorable.   Using his unique personal leadership journey to the ends of the earth, Matt has delivered over 500 presentations on 4 continents and partnered with organizations across all industries.

    Keynotes by Speaker Matt McFadyen

    Expeditions in the Polar Regions

    • Inspiration
    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Overcoming Adversity


    Keynote by Speaker Matt McFadyen


    • Leading through change and ambiguity
    • Building and inspiring high performance teams
    • Overcoming hardship to achieve success
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