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Matthew E. May

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Innovation Strategist

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Keynote speaker Matthew E. May is a thought leader on strategy, innovation, creativity, design-thinking and lean-thinking. He is also a 5-time award winning, best selling author on innovative thinking and a sought after expert and commentator for some of the world’s most influential media such as MSNBC, Forbes and the Financial Times.

Matthew E. May is an internationally recognised thought leader and expert on strategy, innovation, creativity, design-thinking and LEAN. Specialising as an advisor and coach for senior executives, helping them and their teams craft new and innovative strategies and build the capabilities to implement them.

Matt has written five books on innovative thinking, most recently Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the 7 Fatal Flaws of Thinking, which investigates how Mindful thinking can lead to a competitive edge and encapsulates a decade of fieldwork and personal experience. He has also written for The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and Inc, to name a few. Matt holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a BA from Johns Hopkins, but he counts winning the New Yorker cartoon caption contest as one of his most creative achievements.

One of Matthew’s deepest passions is for ideas that solve a difficult problem in an elegant way, defining an elegant solution as one that is both uncommonly simple and surprisingly powerful, and that achieves the maximum effect with minimum means. Above all, Matt is a practitioner of business strategy and innovation with powerful lessons learned and war stories to tell from years in the trenches with companies ranging from small startups to companies as large and multinational as Toyota, where he was a full time advisor for eight years.

By blending his frontline experience and the years of research from his books, Matt aims to achieve four things in every address:

Inspire new thinking

Share a unique perspective

Tell compelling stories

Deliver practical takeaways


See keynotes with Matthew E. May

    Keynote by Speaker Matthew E. May

    The Brain Game: Fixing the Seven Fatal Flaws of Business Thinking

    • In this provocative and highly interactive keynote, Matthew E. May engages audiences in the same simple thought challenges given to over 100,000 people during a 10-year period.
    • Science confirms the distinction between the biological brain and the conscious mind. Each day, a game of mind versus matter plays out on a field defined by the problems we need to solve.
    • Calling on modern neuroscience and psychology to help explain the “seven fatal flaws,” May draws insight from some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.


    Keynote by Speaker Matthew E. May

    Subtraction: Removing Excess for Better, Smarter Business

    • How do you stand out and stay relevant in a world that is massively distracting and mostly disruptive?
    • In an age of excess everything, success looks different, and now demands a new skill: Subtraction.
    • In this keynote, May outlines six simple rules for winning (in business, as well as life) in the age of excess everything, and delivers a single yet powerful idea: When you remove just the right things in just the right way, something very good happens.


    Keynote by Speaker Matthew E. May

    Elegant Solutions: Why the Best Ideas in Business Have One Thing Missing

    • In this thought-provoking exploration of why certain events, products, and people capture our attention and imaginations, May examines the elusive quality behind so many innovative breakthroughs in fields ranging from physics and marketing to design and popular culture.
    • This compelling, story-driven talk that sheds light on the need for elegance in design, engineering, art, urban planning, sports, and work, while offering surprising evidence that the best ideas have something missing … on purpose.


    Keynote by Speaker Matthew E. May

    Toyota + Innovation: Forging New Inroads to Invention

    • Smart leaders know the necessity of thinking differently at every level. And no better example of the post-industrial innovative organization exists than Toyota.
    • Driving the Toyota approach is a companywide quest for elegant solutions—solutions that deliver optimal customer value and impact with the minimal burden, effort and expense.
    • Speaker Matthew May offers a vital prescription of ten key cultural practices that are a must-have for organizations seeking new inroads to innovation.


Matthew was right on point for what we needed. He created a lot of energy and after he finished his presentation and for the rest of the evening our attendees continued stating how good his presentation was.

Norma Feder-Dong

Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union

The presentation was exceptionally relevant to everything that we are living and breathing in our daily work as part of Corporate America - and the financial services industry. A very thought-provoking session!

Mary Baker

U.S. Bank
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