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Max Howard

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Keynote speaker Max Howard, formerly with Disney and currently the owner of Max Howard Consulting Group, offers the inside scoop on animation feature production. Max is a sought after consultant for the animation industry, working with companies from all around the world. The workshops offer insight on how to apply those techniques of film production and storytelling techniques to any business, even non entertainment companies.

Max Howard is the owner of Max Howard consulting group, and with his consulting partners, he offers the inside track on animation feature production. Max provides lectures and workshops on the art of storytelling and pitching, design and production for the feature animation industry, utilizing his many years of experience. Max believes that every business has a story to tell, and he will help you craft new chapters in your company’s future through his creative leadership and management development workshops and training sessions. The workshops offer insight on how to apply those techniques of film production and storytelling techniques to any business, even non entertainment companies. The workshops can help companies with the goal of developing unique business plans and marketing solutions.

Max created and ran studios for Disney in London, Paris, Orlando and Los Angeles, where he has worked on some of Disney’s most memorable films including Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King. Additionally, he oversaw such hit movies as The Iron Giant and Space Jam as the President of Warner Bros Feature Animation. Max was also past-President of the Exodus Film Group and is currently consulting executive producer, producing a series of animated feature films for them.  He is also serving as executive producer on a few upcoming independent animated feature films including Saving Santa, as well as Cow on the Run.

Max has worked with UNICEF, where he produced films that utilized animation to deal with health and social issues in developing countries. He received the United National Children Fund Award – for services in acknowledgement and recognition for the UNICEF animated film program.

Max holds a rare distinction of being a member of both AMPAS – Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, as well as BAFTA- British Academy of Film and Television Arts. In addition, he was recently honored with a Doctorate of Arts degree from Teeside University in the United Kingdom in recognition for his services to the animation industry.

His programs include:

  • Creativity in Business.
  • Keynote presentations.
  • Workshops and seminars – created especially to meet the needs of the client.
  • Leadership/executive retreats.
  • Training programs – that are effective, interactive and entertaining.
  • Storytelling as a leadership tool – there are few techniques more powerful than a well-told story.  Every business has a story to tell, and Max will help them tell it.
See keynotes with Max Howard

    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Creating an Effective Story and How to Pitch It

    • The workshop provides detailed information on how to create and effectively pitch a story for any type of film and TV production, live action or animation.
    • The workshops include working on a specific story, to provide practical application of the techniques.


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Producing Independent Animated Films

    • Max Howard discusses the opportunities and challenges of producing ‘independent’ animated feature films.
    • Max’s experience in working on over 12 feature films, plus 7 short films, provides an unparalleled insight into the challenges and opportunities of bringing an animated film to fruition.
    • Starting with an overview of the marketplace right through to the opportunity to enter a film for Academy Award consideration for Best Animated Feature Film.


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Acting for Animation

    • A program studying great acting, utilizing performance examples from both animation and live action.
    • It is not the technical aspects of animation that create a great performance but a fundamental understanding of the characters motivation.
    • Unlock these skills and an animated character will be richer and more believable.


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Character Design

    • Designing a lovable and memorable character takes more than just artistic ability. What makes a character special?
    • That is the question this workshop will pose and then answer.
    • How do all the pieces come together to create that special character audiences will love for generations to come.
    • You will be taken you through the entire development process, giving you the tools necessary to bring your new characters to life and charm your audiences.


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Directing Actors – 1 hour

    • Max guides you through his secrets to dealing with talent – from the correct etiquette at the recording studio to putting them at ease – and how to capture the best possible performance.


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    The Road to Oscar – 1 hour

    • A ‘how to’ guide for submitting your short animated film or feature film for Oscar consideration.
    • In 2001, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences elected to add a second animation category – Best Animated Feature Film.


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Presenting your film at Cannes – ‘Oh yes, you can can Cannes’ – 1 hour

    • The insiders guide to not only the Cannes Film Festival market but the other international markets as well.
    • How they work, how to pre-sell your film, what to ask for, the questions to expect, and how to avoid the blisters from walking between all the meetings!


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Max Howard – A Retrospective

    • From the start of his career in as a child actor to his career as a director and producer in all the British theatre scene to his transition to animation producing and his relocation to the US.
    • This presentation is about how his background has provided a unique skill set that has allowed Max to work in over 20 countries on numerous films and theatre productions and teaching seminars.


    Keynote by Speaker Max Howard

    Workshops and executive management retreats

    • The retreat helps unearth new ideas and directions for your company which may have been suppressed by corporate culture.
    • This can identify obstacles to innovation, as well as revitalize energy and free-thinking with the organization.
    • The retreat can motivate managers and employees to work better and smarter, to communicate more effectively while having a better work experience.
    • Additionally it can contribute to the achievement of corporate goals for employee development and leadership and provide effective training programs that are interactive and entertaining.

Interview with Max Howard

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?
Inspiration, a sense of ‘we can do that’.  A clarity and insight, balancing creativity and practicality.  The understanding those two goals must live in harmony to be successful.

How are your keynotes unique?
Having worked on some of the most successful and inspiring animated motion pictures, the points of reference within the presentations are relatable to films and characters that the majority, if not everyone attending, will already know.  How were the films they enjoyed, created. How to create a story and then bring it to fruition.  Everyone has a story to tell, no matter what their business.  Applying motion picture story telling techniques to any business provides an inspiring and totally unique perspective.

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?
Having worked with some of the greatest and important writers, directors and actors of the 20th century, from both sides of the Atlantic. This unparalleled interaction has provided a special and varied insight into the world of creativity and therefore, the inspiration for the presentation.

How has your time at Disney shaped your keynotes?
The Disney approach to delivering family entertainment to a worldwide audience.  What it takes to communicate efficiently, concisely and in an entertaining way.

What types of audiences benefit from your keynotes?
Companies and individuals that are looking for inspiration, something new, something different.  Whether is be from a workshop or a speech.

What advice would you give companies who are looking to increase creativity?
Don’t be afraid to dream.

See keynotes with Max Howard
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