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Mel Carson

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Founder of Delightful Communications

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Keynote speaker Mel Carson has founded a successful social media, PR, and personal branding consultancy. Before this he worked at Microsoft as a Digital Marketing Evangelist and helped launch Microsoft adCenter (now Bing Ads) in the UK and a general Advertising community. He recognized that social media was around for good and helped Microsoft stay on trend.

Founder of Delightful Communications and Co-Author of “Pioneers of Digital”

Mel Carson has 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He is the founder of Seattle-based Delightful Communications, a social media, digital PR and personal branding consultancy.

Before setting up his own company in 2012, Mel Carson spent 7 years working as the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Microsoft Advertising building relationships within the online advertising community by supporting and educating through the Microsoft Advertising Blog, evangelizing through social media, writing and by speaking about internet marketing and digital at conferences, trade shows & other events.

In 2000, Mel began his digital advertising career as an editor at LookSmart, a search engine. He spent time at the 24/7 Search as an Account Director before moving to Microsoft in 2005. He was an important part of the team that helped plan & execute the UK roll-out of Microsoft adCenter in August 2006. That same year, Mel helped set up Microsoft Advertising’s Community Team, when it became apparent that Social Media Marketing was going to be huge.

Mel has been a keynote speaker for several years, talking about Digital Marketing, Search, Social Media and adCenter at conferences and events in the UK, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Reykjavik, Dublin, Barcelona & Tenerife. He has also lectured on MBA, MSc and online marketing courses at Cranfield School of Management and Birkbeck College – part of London University.

More recently, Mel has built up a reputation for incisively interviewing industry heavy-weights on camera like Biz Stone, Sir Martin Sorrell, David Sable and Carolyn Everson (and less incisively, people like Hugh Grant!)

Mel Carson has also published his first book, Pioneers of Digital. He is now based with his family in Seattle and regularly writes for Media Week, Brand Republic, Econsultancy and other 3rd party publications.

Before getting into digital marketing, Mel was an eternally-resting-actor and got an ignominious break in a Joe Cocker Video alongside Catherine Deneuve, way back in 1997!

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Interview with Mel Carson

How did you get started as a keynote speaker?
It all happened during my time at Microsoft. I was leading the charge for the business to use more digital and social media in its marketing and we were doing such cool things I kept on getting asked to speak at conferences about it. Having spent all that time at such a huge tech giant, I’m still in the habit of tracking and predicting future trends, which is also something audiences love to hear.

What should clients know about you before booking you?
That I’m a former actor and performer so they won’t be disappointed. I’ve honed my skills in gauging and engaging with an audience over two decades and people find the upbeat, often humorous, approach I take very refreshing. The tech/marketing industry can be very dry. I try and inject some colour and inspiration so the audience go home feeling energized, not just by me, but by the brand that invited them to come to the event in the first place.

How do you work with clients when preparing for a keynote?
I try and make sure the content is fresh and I am as close to the brief as possible. If this means conference calls at 2am then so be it. I do a lot of research into the company and their audience and am very conscientious that they are satisfied after the lights go down and I’m on a plane home.

What kinds of advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?
To read my book “Pioneers of Digital”. It’s filled with awesome advice from 20 leaders in advertising, marketing, search and social media who have helped change the digital world as we know it.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
My 18 month old daughter Maggie. Her thirst for learning, her ability to listen and her big happy smile keep me in check and reaching for the stars every day!

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