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Menno Lanting

Author, Trendwatcher and Speaker
Country: Netherlands

Our keynote speaker Menno Lanting is regarded is as the ultimate expert on the impact of digital technology on leadership, business and the way we work. With a basis in Innovation, Technology and Leadership, Menno is a best selling author, with his books Connect (Management Book of the Year in 2011) and Everybody CEO (Longlist for Management Book of the Year in 2012)

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Menno Lanting is an Author, Trendwatcher and Speaker on all things innovation, technology and leadership. The main focus of his work is adaptability; being able to transcend what you’ve learnt during your training, or even what you built your career on and the business models you believed in. The goals is to raise yourself and the organisation to the next level.

With a world with an increasing rate of change, the time at which things become obsolete is ever getting smaller. Models and legislation is being made on the fly in order to catch with the changing landscape, whilst the implementation of digital technology is increasing the complexity in markets, which even 10 years age were regarded as simple.

Menno focuses on what is needed to overcome these potential problems and pitfalls. Finding the right people, the right technology and the right corporate culture. From this new types of organisation will arise and with it the established view of leadership will change radically, with a more networked work environment, most employees are more independent of organisations than ever before. With leaders no longer being appointed, but chosen instead on what they bring to their network.

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    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Technology
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