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Michael Aun

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Author, Columnist and Businessman

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Keynote speaker Michael Aun runs an extraordinarily successful business in Central Florida that serves the personal needs of thousands of families. He shares his deep content with his clients through his hands-on business experience in leadership, change, motivation, management, sales, customer satisfaction, and relationship strategies.

Speaker, author, columnist, businessman

As a successful businessman, Michael Aun presides over an insurance agency with some fifteen offices across Central Florida. He has also presided over a real estate firm and a construction company.

As a writer, Michael’s popular column, “Behind the Mike,” has been syndicated in some 850 southeastern newspapers and periodicals for over a quarter century. The author of seven books, his latest work is titled, “It’s the Customer, Stupid!” (John Wiley & Sons).  He is a co-author in the “Chicken Soup for the Catholic Soul” book.  He also recently authored “Killer Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs” as well as “The Toastmasters International Guide to Successful Speaking.” His other books include, “The Great Communicators“, “Marketing Masters“, and “Build a Better You, Starting Now!

Michael Aun has produced a dozen audio cassette learning systems and a score of video training modules used by Fortune Five Hundred companies all over the globe. The author of hundreds of articles on sales management training, leadership, customer service, change and relationship strategies, he has been speaking professionally since 1974.

As a motivational keynote speaker Michael rose to international acclaim in 1978 when he won the “World Championship of Public Speaking” for Toastmasters International. He won the coveted honor by defeating eight other speakers representing some 150,000 Toastmasters from the 65-country Toastmasters International speaking world. He is a member of Toastmasters International Speakers Hall of Fame.

In 2000, he was awarded the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association.  In 2003, he was honored with the George Morrissey Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Speakers Association- Central Florida.  In 2009, the Veteran Speakers Retreat named him and Zig Ziglar to their prestigious Legends of the Speaking profession.  He is the youngest member ever selected.

Aun has since shared the lectern with Presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush as well as speaking giants Tom Peters, Mark Russell, Tony Robbins, Art Linkletter, Paul Harvey and Colin Powell.

In 1983, Michael was presented the earned “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP) designation, a prestigious honor accorded by the National Speakers Association. At the time of the awards, less than 150 speakers worldwide had been so honored. In 1989, his peers in the National Speakers Association elected him to serve on their Board of Directors.

In other words, if you’re looking for a professional speaker that your audiences will never forget, Michael Aun is the logical choice.

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    Keynote by Speaker Michael Aun


    • “Eagles or Buzzards, Which Are You”
    • “Rules From The Leader Ship”

    Keynote by Speaker Michael Aun


    • “The $ecret to $uccess In $elling Is a Set of $kills”
    • “The Seven Steps in the Sales Process”

    Keynote by Speaker Michael Aun


    • “The Toastmasters International Guide to Successful Speaking”
    • “Talk Your Way to the Top”



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    • Change: “The Trouble With The Future Is It Ain’t What It Used To Be”
    • Customer Service: “Have I Gotta Beg To Buy?”
    • Management: “Management is Not a Penalty, It is a Privilege”
    • Relationship Strategies: “Helicopters, Drill Sergeants or Counselors, Which Are You?”
    • Time Management: “Winning the Time Wars”
    • Prospecting: “X-Raying the Prospects”



    Seminars by Speaker Michael Aun

    • Building a Real Estate Career from the Ground Up
    • Selling Assurance in Insurance
    • The Bank Will Never Be the Same
    • The Study of Strategic Styles (Relationship Strategies)


    All programs that Michael Aun produces for his clients involve sophisticated use of various visual mediums to sell THE MESSAGE. Michael realizes that if he only speaks to your group, they’ll retain about 10% of this information. If each individual can see and hear the message (with the use of overheads, slides, video, and other props) their retention level improves to a dramatic 60%. Michael also “customerizes” a tailored handout for each program, increasing that retention level to 85%–AND THERE IS A BONUS! Michael will supply an audio recording for later use in your own surroundings… thereby boosting the retention level to 95%! Your organization’s most valued asset is its human resources–invest in yours TODAY!

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