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Syndicated national columnist inspires audiences to political action

Michael Gerson

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As a columnist for the Washington Post, Michael Gerson reaches a national audience twice a week. Throughout his career, he's raised awareness about important issues, such as poverty, women's empowerment, and preventable diseases.

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Formerly, a senior editor for U.S. News and World Report, Gerson has long served politicians in the Republican party with his exceptional speech writing prowess. Currently, he raises awareness through his column about important issues, such as poverty and preventable disease. In 1996, Gerson served Bob Dole's presidential campaign as a speechwriter. In 1999, he joined George Bush’s presidential campaign as a senior policy adviser and chief speechwriter. By 2005, Time magazine named Gerson one the 25 most influential evangelicals in the nation. His role as head of speech writing for the Bush administration gave Gerson extraordinary influence.

Why you should book Michael Gerson for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Gerson’s genuine interest in improving conditions in the nation. His brand of conservativism seeks bipartisan solutions to major issues in America, such as poverty, women’s empowerment, and foreign relations.
  • His presentation includes points converging evangelical values with public policy. Offering listeners practical strategies for dealing with large-scale problems, Gerson leverages his unique political career to unleash an extraordinary presentation about American values.
  • Author of HarperOne’s Heroic Conservatism, Gerson’s first book championed conservative values while confronting prominent issues, such as human rights and health outcomes.

Throughout Gerson’s career, he’s sought bipartisan solutions while championing important causes. Often confronting prominent issues facing the nation, such as human rights and poverty, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential speechwriters of the era. In his successful career, he moves from the White House to top advisory positions. By landing a Washington Post columnist role, he promotes conservative American values to a national audience.

As a senior advisor in the Bush administration, he advocated for funding women’s empowerment, fighting global sex trafficking, and support to defeat AIDS and Malaria. He’s served in several important policy and board roles, including Senior Advisor at ONE, a council member for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, a board member of the International Rescue Committee, and on the board of Bread for the World.

During his career, Gerson has seen both widespread acclaim and criticism, as his ideas for transforming the country influenced policy. He’s also been lambasted by some critics and praised by pundits as the defender of Bush’s policies in Iraq, during the time following America’s invasion of the country.

He’s been especially supportive of Bush’s policies in his time with administration. By contrast, Gerson does not shy away from criticizing other politicians who promote policies, with which he disagrees.

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