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Michael Schindler

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Founder of Operation Military Family Cares

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Keynote speaker Michael Schindler is one of the nation’s leading experts on leadership development, team dynamics, government relations, and veteran transition issues. A U.S. Navy veteran himself, Michael is passionate about enriching the lives of military veterans and their families. This passion led him and his wife to found “Operation Military Family Cares”.

At Operation Military Family cares (OMFC), Schindler seeks to better refer, serve, and position military and veteran families for success by discussing their specific needs and situation. He shares important messages that inspire today’s youth and help today’s leaders gain their competitive edge.

In addition to starting his own organization, Schindler helped launch the Institute for Veterans and Military Families’ Communities of Practice across the Western United States. This institute connects nearly 150 human service providers through a high-performing coordinated referral network.

Prior to founding OMFC, Michael spent several years working as a project manager for a Fortune 1000 global company. He then moved on to the software industry, working his way up to executive leadership. Speaker Michael Schindler has over 2 decades of experience in project management, coaching, and executive experience. He has worked in and with the military, startups, federal and state agencies, nonprofits, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.

A highly sought-after thought leader on veteran transitions, speaker Michael Schindler has been featured on numerous national radio shows, including CBS radio, Entrepreneur Radio, the Lars Larson Show, and is a key contributor on Q13 Fox TV in Seattle. He is a guest writer for several national publications, The Military Wire blog and the author of two books: “U.S. Veterans in the Workforce: Why the 7% are America’s Greatest Asset” and “Operation Military Family” – which is endorsed by retired General Tommy Franks and retired General Peter Chiarelli.

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    Speaker Michael Schindler Keynote Topics

    • Top Gun Performance

    Finding Your Edge takes executives and their teams on a journey that addresses personal and professional critics and circumstances that influence performance and what steps individuals and teams can take to “find their edge” that will lead to Top Gun performance. Rooted in Mike’s military experience and refined through Mike’s corporate experience, this keynote will have teams laughing while walking away with three simple strategies to improve morale and profits.

    • Negotiating the Storms

    Improving Personal and Professional Team Dynamics brings the excitement back in your personal or professional relationships. Need a break-through in your business or personal relationships? This presentation will help you establish “fixed reference points” that will equip you and your team to navigate the storms to better waters.

    • Be the Best You

    Geared to today’s youth, this inspiration talk will encourage and motivate your students to put the phone down and work toward personal and community transformation. Told through his military experience, speaker Michael Schindler will equip your students with three reminders that will encourage them to leave “average” behind.


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Keynote topics with Michael Schindler