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Keynotes on decision-making and leadership

Michael Veltri

travels from USA

Leadership expert, decision-making master and bestselling author with captivating and engaging keynotes

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Keynote speaker Michael Veltri is a battle-hardened entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business transformation speaker on a mission to teach successful professionals better decision-making skills to achieve peak performance with balance — not burnout.  

Michael Veltri is an expert when it comes to helping businesses embrace change and overcome challenges. As an experienced business leader and a background in business consultant, Michael knows his way around the business world. In his keynotes, he teaches his audience how to lead a business, adapt to change and work in different cultures. His keynotes are delivered in an engaging, dynamic and inspiring way.

Michael Veltri bases his talks and presentations on 5000 year old secretive traditions, which he decoded in his bestseller book The Mushin Way to Peak Performance. Mushin means “no-mind” in Japanese, which Michael further defines as a way of living with no fear and no distractions – something he wishes to implement in businesses. He lived in Japan for 10 years and have adopted many of their strategies to live a more purposeful life. The exclusive secrets and strategies of the Mushin Way will teach you something unique and original that you can implement in your organization or personal life.

Michael has experience in consultant big celebrity entrepreneurs and elite government agencies. He is known world-wide as someone who keeps his promise and truly helps organizations turn around and transform into something bigger and better. He is also an entrepreneur himself and has the success-stories and battle scars to prove it. This gives him an incredible insight into the struggles CEO’s and managers can go through.

As a cancer survivor, Michael has also experienced struggles and challenges in his personal life. His background as a U.S. Marine veteran and a world-class professional athlete brings a unique and grounding perspective to your standard business expert keynotes. Having spoken for major companies like Samsung, IBM and AT&T, Michael has the experience needed to inspire his audience. In his powerful presentations, he aims to help organizations, teams or individuals to lead a better life in every way.

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    Keynote by Speaker Michael Veltri


    • Master the 5 most powerful decision-making solutions that you’ve never heard of
    • Build a culture that celebrates fresh thinking and embraces new decision-making ideas
    • Implement better decision-making skills on a daily basis across all business activities and roles
    • Avoid the 5 biggest decision-making traps that kill successful organizations
    • Apply best decision-making practices from successful companies worldwide


    Keynote by Speaker Michael Veltri


    • 5 simple and effective decision-making tools to boost sales
    • What’s truly behind objections — and how to conquer them
    • How to create a culture of achievement and sales excellence
    • How the “3 x 15 Decision-Making Rule” can double sales
    • How to break free from historical decision-making bias in your sales process


    Keynote by Speaker Michael Veltri


    • Develop unprecedented decision-making prowess to attack business problems of all sizes
    • Uncover 5 fresh decision-making tools to evolve your leadership to the next level
    • Authentically express your leadership to fuel-inject business results
    • Avoid the 5 biggest leadership traps
    • Silence internal and external distractions to strengthen your “leadership muscle”


    Keynote by Speaker Michael Veltri


    • Build, motivate, and lead high-performing teams
    • Learn 5 secret techniques used by Zen masters to increase performance, which can easily be adapted to your own organization
    • Understand the most common reasons “high potentials” burn out
    • Expand your ability to deal with ambiguity, change, and competing priorities
    • Uncover best practices from a martial arts master’s mentality: determination, flexibility, and resilience

Three Steps to Avoid the Fatal “Goldilocks Decision Making Trap”

In the classic children’s fairy tale, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, our beloved heroine can never make up her mind and is always looking for something else to make her happy. This porridge is too hot, this one is too cold, this one is just right. Similar problems ensue with three chairs and three beds and who knows what else.

In other words, Goldilocks suffered from the decision-making trap of extremes: Having too many options to choose from, or not enough. Taking too long to make a decision (analysis paralysis), or not taking enough time (extinct by instinct). Having too many chefs in the kitchen or not enough.  

In the business world, if you and your leadership team suffer from “The Goldilocks Trap” of decision making extremes, it can be absolutely fatal. Take for example consumer electronic pioneer RCA. Created in 1919 as Radio Corporation of America, RCA flourished as one of the most innovative and successful companies of the 20th century. However, RCA senior leadership lost its way, suffered from extremes in their decision-making process, and over-diversified away from its core consumer electronics business. In 1965, they acquired Random House publishing. In 1967, they purchased rental car company Hertz. And in 1970 RCA also bought frozen food maker Banquet. What do frozen foods, rental cars, and publishing have in common with consumer electronics — not much! By 1986, RCA was sold to GE. Soon, GE liquidated most of RCA’s assets, and RCA now exists as a trademark only.

One simple solution to help you and your team get out of The Goldilocks Trap or to avoid it all together is the “3 x 15 Rule”. The 3 x 15 Rule works like this:

Step 1: Do whatever you need to do to limit your potential FINAL solutions to three and only three. You and your team can brainstorm more than three solutions to any potential problem, however, be sure to narrow them down to your “top three”.

Step 2: Set a 15-minute decision making timer. Often you won’t need anywhere near 15-minutes to make the best decision. And of course, sometimes you’ll need more than 15-minutes for bigger decisions. DO NOT use the timer on your smartphone. Buy an old-school egg-timer to avoid E-distractions from your smartphone.

Step 3: Immediately following your decision, take 45-minutes to get into relevant action around your final decision (3 x 15 = 45). Go meet face-to-face with your team. Make a phone call to move your decision forward. Schedule a visit with that new client/customer/colleague. Keep that decision-making momentum moving forward!

What decision-making extreme do you struggle with? Are you too slow to make some decisions? Too quick to make others? My new bestselling book teaches you how to make better decisions, get into relevant action, and reach a new level of peak performance in business and life with balance — not burnout!


Interview with Michael Veltri

Who or what inspires you most?

My Aikido martial arts master, Professor Iwao Yamaguchi, is my main source of inspiration. In Japanese culture, you “get along by going along”. In other words, you are expected to conform to societal and business “norms” — the nail that stands up gets pounded down. Well, Professor Yamaguchi has lived a very unconventional, very non-traditional, and very successful life in Japan. He is the nail that stands up and refuses to be pounded down.

And I live my life the same way. By the time I was 40, I had become “successfully miserable” having launched and grown several successful businesses. And burned out along the way. I followed in Professor Yamaguchi’s footsteps by selling my businesses to peruse what I am truly passionate and excited about: Teaching other successful professionals how to make better decisions in their business and personal to escape their “success trap”.

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

When speaking, I take the audience on a journey from “Why?” to “How?”. That is, when I come on stage, the audience is either consciously or unconsciously asking themselves, “Why Michael Veltri?  What is he going to tell me that I don’t already know?”. And at the end of my keynote during the “Action Step” I’ve viscerally answered that question and given the audience relevant and retainable tools to make better decisions in their business and personal life. In other words, I gain the personal satisfaction of having impacted thousands of lives by teaching audience members how to make better decisions, how to face — and not avoid — tough decisions in their lives, and how to achieve a level of success with balance, not burnout.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

My favorite experience is when audience members approach me after my keynote speech and tell me that I “get them”. That I understand the problems and challenges they face in daily life and that I have helped them face those daily challenges with renewed energy, vigor, and practical solutions steps. When audience members share with me that they have successfully applied my ideas and key learnings in their business or personal life.

One instant in particular stands out: Three months after I delivered a keynote on how to get into relevant action on moving forward a tough decision audience members have been putting off making, I was contacted by a SVP of multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company. Turns out, he used my keynote takeaways to help him make important decisions he had been putting off making on moving his 89-year-old mother into assisted living.  

What is the one thing you should never do when your business is going through change or difficulties?

Do not try to go at it alone or alienate yourself. I don’t know ANY business that doesn’t go through change or difficulties on a weekly basis! Thus, it is very important — especially at the higher levels of management — to surround yourself with a very strong team. I call this “The Fab 5”.  Tony Robbins’ mentor, Jim Rohn, was fond of saying, “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Who is your team of five that will help you make good decisions when your business is going through change? Are there some people that need to be replaced?  

Get creative: Add a historical figure to your team such as Albert Einstein, Buddha, or JFK. Or add Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Warren Buffet to your team. Ask yourself, “What would ‘so-and—so’ do in this case? The important thing is you have to have people on your team that you can be vulnerable and transparent with. Maybe this is a “Mastermind Group” where you can tell others that you don’t know what to do and come up with creative solutions as a team. And more importantly, when you are about to make a bad decision because of some change or difficulty happening in your business, do you have someone on your “Fab 5” that will tell you, “No!  Don’t do that.”  If you’re surrounded by “yes men or women”, you’re in trouble…

What types of results do clients experience after your programs & keynotes?

Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that busy professionals make 35,000 semi-conscious to conscious decisions per day! So generally speaking, I teach audiences my Five Decision Making Traps & How to Conquer Them (when you can’t avoid them). The specific results are this: I get audiences unstuck and into relevant action on a decision they have been putting off making for a couple days, a couple weeks, or a couple months. I equip the audience for “decision making battle” so the 35,000 daily decisions busy professionals are faced with are made with clarity and confidence to propel their careers, companies, and communities forward with velocity.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

I combine three unique elements into all of my keynote presentations: Customization + Inspiration + EDUCATION. I never give the same speech twice — each talk is customized to meet the unique needs and goals of the organization that hired me. Before, during, and after my talk I inspire and motivate my audience with high-energy, highly impactful, and highly relevant keynote material. And most important, I educate my audience equipping them with cutting-edge decision-making tools and techniques that they can immediately apply to leap their career, company, and community forward at an exponential level. 

See keynotes with Michael Veltri
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