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Michelle Hviid

Michelle Hviid

Successful Entrepreneur and Author
Country: Denmark

As a highly successful entrepreneur keynote speaker Michelle Hviid has been able to inspire audiences with her captivating keynotes on achieving dreams and becoming successful. Her long carrier as an autodidact entrepreneur has provided her with great success and she is recognized as one of Denmark’s young talents in the field of entrepreneurship.

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Australian born and Danish raised, Michelle Hviid is a highly successful author. In 2012 she had her breakthrough as a keynote speaker. Audiences love her passionate and authentic style.

41-year-old Michelle has been an autodidact entrepreneur since the age of 24. In Denmark she is well known for her dating/matchmaking business, Runningdinner.dk. Additionally, a lot of people are familiar with Michelle’s appearances on TV as well as her regular radio show where she delivers her honest, loving, and uninhibited observations on various topics.

One of Denmark’s prestigious and national newspapers has recognized her as one of Denmark’s young talents in the field of entrepreneurship. Today she is a member of several boards and even represented at the Danish national museum as a representative of modern industry and the development of Danish industry. She is also known as one of the biggest supporters of philanthropy.

Michelle is able to deliver keynotes in both Danish and English. Michelle Hviid is a thorough and authentic speaker with the ability to extract laughs and keep an audience captivated with her candid stories and passionate message. She belongs in the category of speakers that truly manages to touch the hearts of audience members.

    Keynote by Speaker Michelle Hviid

    Dial up your Life – Everything you give will come back in threefold

    • This brand new lecture is based on Michelle’s newest book, which gives a caring shove to dare more, give more, and get more in return.
    • Michelle believes, that the happiest people are those, who share the most. Those who don’t turn on their inner autopilot. Those who dare to follow their heart.
    • During the lecture Michelle inspires her attendees to create their own manifest, focused on living life more motivated, more bravely and more fun. That requires doing things tomorrow that we didn’t do today.
    • Michelle shares, without apprehensions, the experiences that have made her capable of embracing life, every single day. This is what made her one of the most popular keynote speakers in 2013.


    Keynote by Speaker Michelle Hviid

    Achieve your Entrepreneurial Dreams and be Successful!

    • Michelle Hviid’s keynote on entrepreneurship is an impressive story, which inspires entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders. She is an extraordinary idea generator – and her vigor is unparalleled.
    • Michelle is an autodidact entrepreneur and has made a name for herself with her businesses Runningdinner.dk, Uberbanko.dk and her own television show. She has been an independent business owner since she was 24 and has been recognized for her entrepreneurial talent.
    • She has never developed long-term plans for her professional life or career. The things she has developed are created with a root in her desire and passion, which has forced creativity and thereafter result driven hard work.  Vigor and recklessness are keywords for Michelle and a huge factor in terms of her own success. But where does the vigor and work ethic come from and what has made Michelle as vigorous as she is?
    • Experience Michelle’s wonderful and entertaining stories. Learn why Michelle said no to selling her business for millions and about the time she, once and for all, decided to take matters into her own hands.
    • This talk is a unique inspiration for everyone with an entrepreneurial dream.
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