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Michelle Rozen

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Top motivational speaker with practical strategies that will help you power through change and reach success for you and your team

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Change expert and keynote speaker Michelle Rozen is a passionate motivator. Michelle’s clients include some of the biggest brands in the world and her keynotes provide practical advice on leadership, goal-setting and productivity. Michelle is a sought-after speaker in her field with humorous and engaging presentations.

Why you should book speaker Michelle Rozen

  • Michelle Rozen has a PhD in psychology and has extensive and academic knowledge about motivation, overcoming adversity and the human mind.
  • As a fan favorite for Fortune 50 companies and clients that include some of the biggest companies in the world like Cisco and Bank of America, Michelle is a respected and popular speaker for many. Her professionalism will ensure an unforgettable experience for everyone in the audience.
  • Michelle uses her own personal experience in her keynotes. Her approach is completely down-to-earth and real. Through humor and the newest research, Michelle keeps her audience entertained.

Keynote speaker Michelle Rozen has a passion for change, management and motivation. For many years, Michelle didn’t feel neither passionate nor motivated as she was stuck with a job she hated. When she finally made the steps towards getting her master’s and PhD, she worked long and hard battling bills, pregnancy, toddlers and a full-time job – something few can actually do. However, as the hardworking and inspirational woman as she is, she completed her studies and got her PhD. Today, she travels the world and helps people, teams and organizations thrive through change and find purpose again – professionally and personally.

Michelle specializes in the human mindset and how our mind affects everything we do. Her goal is to help people increase their productivity, become better leaders and inspire growth. Michelle has been featured on huge media outlets such as ABC and CNN. She is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post where she shares her tips and insights into personal and professional growth.

As a speaker Michelle Rozen is entertaining and honest. She is not afraid of sharing her ups and downs and focuses on having a connection to the audience. Michelle keeps her keynotes entertaining and interactive. She prioritizes getting to know her audience and clients so she can deliver the very best suitable keynote in a way that actually makes a difference.

See keynotes with Michelle Rozen

    Keynote by speaker Michelle Rozen

    How To Hit The Change Button: Leading Forward Through Change

    • In this keynote, Michelle shares the newest research-based tools and strategies in leadership through change. The audience will learn how to identify potential challenges and implement solutions that work.
    • Leading through change has never been more important, and this keynote gives you a realistic overview of how to actually do it. Michelle has a practical approach and entertaining speaking style that creates a powerful experience for everyone.

    Keynote by speaker Michelle Rozen

    How to Motivate Yourself and Others

    • Motivation is probably one of the most talked about topics. However, few of us can easily describe what it feels like and how it happens. Keynote speaker Michelle Rozen shares her knowledge about motivation and how and why it happens.
    • If you’ve long wondered what the secret is to motivating others, look no further. The answer is: The newest scientific knowledge paired with practical, real-life tips and advice. And of course, delivered in a light, humor-based atmosphere.
    • The audience will learn actionable strategies and gain powerful insights into the dynamics of purpose and growth. The audience will not only know how to motivate themselves but motivate others.

    Keynote by speaker Michelle Rozen

    Women Leadership in Action: Your Five Step Plan for Crushing Obstacles and Unleashing Success

    • This is a truly inspiring keynote for female leaders or entrepreneurs. Michelle shares a five-step strategy that allows female leaders to define goals and work towards accomplishing incredible milestones.
    • Michelle motivates her audience to set goals and follow their dreams. She shares her own story and combines everything with the most cutting-edge research-based knowledge.
    • Starting your journey towards success has never been easier. Clarity, insights, and practical easy-to-use tips and strategies are provided and these strategies will forever transform the way they operate in every aspect of their lives.

    Keynote by speaker Michelle Rozen

    Powerful People Skills through Challenging Situations: Your Five Step Plan

    • Mastering people-skills is probably one of the most important skills in business, especially through challenging situations. In this keynote, Michelle provides a humorous, highly interactive presentation about human behavior, communications and teamwork.
    • The audience will understand the power of mastering communication strategies. Strategies that will motivate and engage everyone around them in a meaningful and powerful manner.
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