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Mike Forde

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High Performance and Talent Manager Consultant

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Keynote speaker Mike Forde, the former Director of Football at FC Chelsea, gives interesting insight into a life of leadership, striving for success and talent scouting. As a charismatic speaker he conveys the psychology of continued success and inspires his audience.

Talent manager and successful advisor

Mike is the former Director of Football Operations at Chelsea FC in the English Premier League. He was responsible for all areas of performance and team operations relating to the 1st Champions League, Europa Leauge, Premier League title and three FA Cups. This was the most successful era in the club’s history.

Currently, Mike is working as an advisor for Talent Management in Global Sports. His professional knowledge of recruitment and building success is sought after and of high value in the sports industry. Mike examines how top performers achieve continued success and shares this knowledge with his audience.

As a keynote speaker Mike gives animating talks about success and winning. He has rich experiences to draw from and continuously broadens his horizon of knowledge, which makes him a delightful speaker to listen to. His main topic is the creation of success mostly referring to sports but easily transferable to other sections of life.

In 2013, Mike branched out to create the leading Consulting and Software company “Sportsology” based out of London and New York.  Mike now has a client list of the “who’s who” of professional sports including 2019 NFL Super Bowl runner-up L.A. Rams, 2018 NFL Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles; and 2017 NFL Super Bowl runner-up Atlanta Falcons.

Within the past 4 years Mike has built a powerhouse business consulting around high performance teams and “Talent Factories” for over 30 professional teams across five global sports.

Speaker Mike is the co-author of the inspirational business book “Quiet Leadership” and also a consistent publisher in the Financial Times, MIT Sloan, Harvard Business Review and many other business publications.

Mike is a smart businessman, he knows how to combine business and sports. In speeches or lectures, he can impart knowledge about how to create a high performance environment. Mike is a popular speaker at international company events. His energy and credibility make his sessions lively and informative.

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Keynote by Speaker Mike Forde

Building High Performance Teams:

In a era where companies have to be successful from day one, it is critical to build the right performance focus within your teams for sustained success.

  • There is no winning or losing companies- people adamantly create this false idea. Build a close tight knit high performance team can be built by anyone once cores and principle are efficiently understood
  • Learn how to design a high-performance team, understand the principles of selecting and deselecting talent to achieve how to build a highly accountable team mentality that can survive change and threat of competition.
Keynote by Speaker Mike Forde

Creating Winning Cultures:

In a world where the portability of talent has never been at such a high turnover rate, it is imperative that all organizations and teams design and create the right culture

  • People come and go, but the culture is the one constant that survives over time.  Learn the core principles of creating a winning, sustainable culture.
  • Explore and develop how to build the boundaries and values that drive success, and irrespective of where your company is on its own personal journey.  Drive your companies culture to the next level!
Keynote by Speaker Mike Forde

Leading Talented People:

In a talent economy the “War of talent” as McKinsey’s said back in the 1990’s is over! Talent won!  Every organization has to now embrace a new economy where attracting, retaining, and developing your best talent is the only lasting competitiveness advantage in a cutthroat business world.

  • Learn the principles of how to create a company culture that both attracts and retains talented people.
  • Learn to maximize the productivity of these special individuals and understand what strategies and techniques can be adopted to bring the best out of them on a daily basis!
Keynote by Speaker Mike Forde

Growing High Performance People:

In every company the quest for finding tomorrows “unicorn” talent is the single biggest focus for most CEO’s and talent managers.

  • How an organization positions how they will grow and nurture their talent is a huge competitive advantage, Learn to create an environment and set of principles for development that will seduce talent to stay!

    Interview with Mike Forde

    Could you provide 5 important facts from your keynote “winning after winning”?

    • Everyone can win once. Real success is about ‘winning after winning’ and that is a different mindset.
    • All great talent have a ‘no finish line mentality’. Its always about the next great challenge.
    • Learn to foster a ‘fire yourself on Friday and reemploy yourself on Monday’ mentality. Constantly challenge yourself to think differently about what brings success.
    • All great individual and team talent have are incredibly curious about how to become better. They will search the earth to find that 1% that makes the difference. This is about mentality.
    • Hold yourself accountable more than anyone else with ever hold for you. Success is about your own appetite and desire. The competition and environment is irrelevant.

    What similarities are there between leadership in sports and leadership in a business context?
    The world of business and sport has the same pain: How do you get talented people to perform consistently as individuals but also as a group and how do you do this not just once in a while but every day.

    Who or what inspires you most?
    To be challenged by ambitious, driven talent who want to make a positive contribution. To work with great talent every day is a gift.

    What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your speaker career?
    From an early age I have been lucky to be surrounded by people who wanted to achieve; who did great things with their life. My experiences at the highest level of sport have taught me to respect and appreciate the opportunity to experience and share success with others. Speaking is an extension of this learning and approach. I feel lucky to have had some wonderful, inspirational experiences in sport and I want to share that through the platform of speaking.

    What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?
    Without doubt the biggest gain is constantly meeting interesting and inspirational people from all walks of life. The real genius is to understand that everyone wants to the same things: Recognition, joy, reward and to use the best years of their life working to make a difference. To experience this energy and inspire is the thing that fuels my desire.

    What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?
    I have had the privilege of working with some great individuals and companies in over 30 different countries across five continents across 20 different sectors. My core clients are in the finance, energy and media sectors – industries with a real talent and performance focus.

    See keynotes with Mike Forde
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