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Mike Forde

High Performance and Talent Manager Consultant
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Mike Forde, the former Director of Football at FC Chelsea, gives interesting insight into a life of leadership, striving for success and talent scouting. As a charismatic speaker he conveys the psychology of continued success and inspires his audience.

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Talent manager and successful advisor

Mike is the former Director of Football Operations at Chelsea FC in the English Premier League. He was responsible for all areas of performance and team operations relating to the 1st Champions League, Europa Leauge, Premier League title and three FA Cups. This was the most successful era in the club’s history.

Currently, Mike is working as an advisor for Talent Management in Global Sports. His professional knowledge of recruitment and building success is sought after and of high value in the sports industry. Mike examines how top performers achieve continued success and shares this knowledge with his audience.

As a keynote speaker Mike gives animating talks about success and winning. He has rich experiences to draw from and continuously broadens his horizon of knowledge, which makes him a delightful speaker to listen to. His main topic is the creation of success mostly referring to sports but easily transferable to other sections of life.

Mike is a smart businessman, he knows how to combine business and sports. In speeches or lectures, he can impart knowledge about how to create a high performance environment. Mike is a popular speaker at international company events. His energy and credibility make his sessions lively and informative.

    Keynote by Speaker Mike Forde

    Winning after winning: the psychology of continued success

    It has been said that anyone can get lucky enough to win big once. Success may have been achieved through underperformance by the competition at a critical moment; an unsustainable high performance spike by a key player; a poor decision by a referee giving an unfair advantage. What defines champion athletes and great teams is their ability to not just win once but to continue to win time and time again.

    Key action focused mindsets to adopt to breed this ‘winning after winning’ mentality:

    1. Appraise the winning performance, not the winning result

    2. Change your thinking

    3. Recalibrate your goals


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