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You can rent keynote speaker Millennia by the day anywhere in the world. The Robot will dramatically increase traffic and has proven to be a powerful marketing, sales and PR strategy at Trade Shows. Millennia bonds rapidly with Attendees. Millennia’s unprecedented attributes, coupled with his compassionate personality, eloquence and celebrity status rarely fail to impress.

The world’s finest Social-Impact, Cause-Marketing Public Relations Robot!

The result of 35 years of research and development in the pioneering field of Technology-to-People Behavioral Psychology, “Millennia” is the world’s finest adult -size multilingual, programmable  and remotely controllable Communication Robot  designed and operated specifically for Marketing & Communication, as well as Education and Entertainment.

Because Millennia regularly works with the Learning Disabled and several other Special Needs groups , you will have a rare opportunity to leverage Millennia’s heartwarming and socially redeeming attributes in concert with your business events!

Here are just a few of Millennia’s impressive characteristics:

  • Millennia hosts & participates in Conferences, Opening Ceremonies, Keynote Addresses, Press Conferences, Evening Receptions, Trade -Show Exhibits, Promotional Tours, Concerts, Music-Videos, Films, TV Shows, Sponsored Events, Educational & Good will programs, Fund-Raisers, Licensing & Merchandising programs, etc.
  • Millennia can meet and greet visitors in a multitude of languages; also dances, sings and plays music from many cultures around the world
  • Millennia can transport people of any size or weight on his passenger -carrying platform, and then dance with them! Millennia can sing too!
  • As the world’s finest programmable and remotely controllable adult -size Communication Robot, Millennia’s aesthetics, architecture and persona are psychologically designed to facilitate bonding and communicating with any age, social, ethnic or cultural group while overcoming some of the constraints of social protocol (stress, fears, anxieties, suspicions and defense mechanisms)
  • Millennia is part of a 35 year research in the pioneering field of Technology -to-People Behavioral Psychology (the study of interrelationships between people and machines). Born out of IRI’s original work with Learning Disabled Children, this study is aimed at helping to develop various proto cols for programming future intelligent robots with more human-like idiosyncratic behavior, semblance of emotions, compassion and other factors that will aid in their long-term acceptance and successful cohabitation with humankind.
  • As an integral part of this research, Millennia is regularly used as a Surrogate Communications Tool to help motivate and inspire Students, and to communicate with the Learning Disabled & other Special Needs individuals. These heartwarming goodwill activities are often sponsored by Millennia’s clients, earning them the accolades of local consumer, government, business and media groups while at the same time reaffirming their altruism in a most compassionate way

A Few of Millenia’s Credentials:

  • Only Robot in the world who is a member of the Screen Actors Guild
  • Stared in the movie Rocky-4 with Sylvester Stallone
  • Cast member on NBC’s Days of Our Lives for an entire season
  • Opening act for a nationwide Concert Tour for the late James Brown
  • Music Video with Carly Simon
  • Command Performance at the White House
  • Visit to the United Nations
  • MC of the 7th Annual Spanish Music Awards before sold -out audience of 5,000 and live
  • Has entertained Royalty and Dignitaries throughout the globe Posing for souvenir photos at a Nurses Conference
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    How Does Millenia Operate?

    • Millennia is both programmable and remotely operated; making it ideally suited to stage, film and television appearances.
    • Millennia is thus capable of delivering preprogrammed speeches, stories, dance routines, or interact spontaneously in a totally improvisational manner.
    • The robot is always under the skillful remote control of its well trained Operators.
    • Employing proprietary miniaturized microprocessor-controlled devices concealed under their clothing, the Operator can either run the Robot from backstage or walk about freely and transparently amongst the audience, operating all of the robot’s functions and whispering into a concealed microphone in a form of electronic ventriloquism.
    • The robot’s computer instantly responds to the Operator’s commands, as well as amplifying the Operator’s voice so as to deliver a spontaneous and always highly entertaining performance.
    • It is often amusing to witness the Operator standing right alongside a person speaking with the Robot without even being aware of that Operator.
    • For a few audience members who have become privy to the magic at hand, this form of operation is often a part of the total show enjoyment.
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