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Mitchell Ditkoff

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Keynote speaker Mitchell Ditkoff is a highly recognised business consultant and professional speaker. He helps companies to go beyond business as usual by teaching effective and creative of out the box thinking. Mitchell inspires and motivates his audience to innovation.

Inspiring Innovator and Pragmatic Coach

During his career, Mitchell Ditkoff has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies and helped them to work even more successful in the changing market world of today. His education at Lafayette College and Brown University gave him the basis to become a highly acknowledged consultant, idea creator and speaker.

Mitchell Ditkoff is the co-founder and President of Idea Champions, a sought-after consulting and training company. One of his secrets to success is his belief that the most important capital asset of a company is the collective brain power, inventiveness and engagement of the work group. Mitch’s ability is to set those company powers free.

In his consulting, keynotes and workshops the human capital of a company is put into focus. Mitchell Ditkoff provides ideas and helps to create them. In 2010, he was voted number 1 innovation blogger in the world. Since then, he started working on several different projects including an award-winning book, an innovation-sparking card deck and the Online Innovation University.

Mitch’s keynotes are pragmatic and give useful insights that can enhance innovation. He shows his audience how to better understand and use their own knowledge. Mitchell Ditkoff enables his audience to directly apply gained process knowledge and be enthusiastic about it.

See keynotes with Mitchell Ditkoff

    Keynote by Speaker Mitchell Ditkoff 

    Creating a Culture of Innovation

    • All business leaders want the same thing — and that is an organizational culture that is agile, adaptive, and conducive to sustainable innovation.
      Easier said than done, however. But just because it′s difficult, doesn′t mean it′s impossible. You′ve got to start somewhere. And Creating a Culture of Innovation is the best way to start — a highly engaging wake up call that demystifies innovation, sparks creative thinking, and provides an easy-to-adapt model that each participant can immediately apply on the job.


    Keynote by Speaker Mitchell Ditkoff 

    Humanizing the Workplace

    • How to Bring Out the Best of People on the Job. People may be showing up for work on time, but not on fire.
      That’s what Mitch Ditkoff’s Humanizing the Workplace keynote is all about – what your organization can do, starting today for no cost – to infuse the workplace with the kind of meaning, mojo, and motivation that brings out the very best in people.
    • Each participant – regardless of their pay grade – walks away from this highly engaging keynote with the kind of insights, inspiration, and commitment they need to turn things around, including a practical game plan for what they can do – within their individual spheres of influence – to transform your company culture from the inside out.


    Keynote by Speaker Mitchell Ditkoff 

    Catalyzing the Creative Mind

    • There′s a lot of talk these days about the need to raise the bar for innovation and creativity. Understandably so. What your workforce needs is more than talk. What your workforce needs is a way to activate, accelerate, and apply their innate creativity on the job.
      Your workforce doesn′t need to be taught how to be creative. (They already are.) What they need is a simple way to catalyze their creativity. Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Now.


    Keynote by Speaker Mitchell Ditkoff 

    Team Innovation

    • Best as a 1.5 to 3 hour interactive workshop / keynote. A highly engaging keynote or workshop — helps teams get their act together. A lively hybrid of reality check and all “hands on deck” pow wow, Team Innovation weaves together the very best of what Mitch Ditkoff does: open doors, open minds, and help people rally around a compelling, collaborative goal.
    • Team Innovation is not a magic pill, but it will work magic. How? By creating the kind of learning environment that allows real behavioral change to happen. If your team (or department) lacks an inspired vision, needs to tackle business challenges more creatively, or needs to explore better ways of working together, Team Innovation is for you.
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