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Morten Bay

Morten Bay

travels from USA

Journalist, Author and Internet Expert

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As an expert on the Internet and its impact on modern day society, keynote speaker Morten Bay will entice audiences with his profound expertise. His work as a journalist and a writer has also had an impact, and Morten Bay is the author of five bestsellers. During keynotes Morten Bay can enlighten audiences and explain the future possibilities of the Internet and technology.

Morten Bay is an award-winning writer, journalist, consultant and scholar. He studies the Internet and its impact on society as an associate researcher with the Kleinrock Center for Internet Studies at UCLA in Los Angeles, where the Internet was born.

Information is the engine of the Network Society. Morten Bay has been working that engine, building startups on top of it, writing about it as an author of books and as a journalist, and studied it academically for almost two decades.

At the moment he is now focused on the research part, getting a Ph.D. in Information Studies at UCLA, and working as a researcher focusing on the Network Society by studying its bloodstream.

He has written five best-selling books on how living in a society based on digital technology and the Internet changes us as human beings, the way we do business, consume and communicate.  He is a sought-after lecturer, columnist and blogger and writes for several media outlets both in his adopted home state of California and in his native country Denmark, where he is the tech correspondent for the country’s largest newspaper, Politiken.

A slew of major US corporations have made use of his strategic expertise in media and technology, including Microsoft, NBC / Comcast, Apple, Oracle, E! Television, PBS, Mattel and General Electric. His Scandinavian references are also numerous.

In 2008 he was awarded the Future Award from the Danish Academy of Future Studies.

See keynotes with Morten Bay

    Keynote by Speaker Morten Bay

    Are you ready for Generation Z?

    • The Millennial generation, also known as Generation Y is slowly giving way to a new cohort of young adults, who will become the most-coveted consumers, employees and media targets in the coming years.
    • But being born around 9/11 and having grown up through the recent financial crisis, this generation is characterized by being more cautious, frugal and responsible than millennials.
    • Yet technology and being connected is still at the centre of their lives.
    • Curiously entertaining anecdotes are mixed with a plethora of socioeconomic facts in this talk, which will leave you with a firm direction and actionable inspiration as you prepare yourself, your organization or your business for the changes that are coming.


    Keynote by Speaker Morten Bay

    Homo Conexus and life in Computopia

    • If you feel like the world is spinning faster and faster, there’s nothing wrong with you.
    • Leaving the industrial age and entering the information age has brought with it so many changes in the way we consume, communicate and organize ourselves that it can be a difficult task to keep track of it all.
    • Conducting business, communicate, implement policies or simply understand yourself in this environment can be a breathtaking and frustrating task. But there is a way to make sense of it all.
    • Based on the research presented in his books ‘Generation Network’, ‘Homo Conexus’ and ‘Welcome to Computopia’, Morten Bay provides entertaining, fascinating and helpful insights into the inner workings of the today’s super-networked society and its hyper-connected inhabitants.
    • Bay takes you on a mind-altering journey through technological advances as well as recent discoveries in biology, sociology and physics that will leave you with an entirely new way of viewing the world around you.
    • In this new Computopia, we are all connected humans – Homo Conexus.
    • After experiencing your guided tour of the networked world with Morten Bay, you’ll understand why.


    Keynote by Speaker Morten Bay

    Innovation and leadership – the DARPA way

    • DARPA is known as the secretive research and development agency of the United States government, which is said to be home to technologies we can hardly imagine. But decades ago, when it was simply known as ARPA, the agency created most of the technologies that everybody uses today.
    • ARPA gave us the Internet, cloud computing, computer-generated 2D and 3D Graphics, speech recognition and digital assistants such as Siri, virtual reality, GPS, and even created the early mobile phone technologies.
    • Through numerous interviews with the key people involved and studying Internet and tech history for more than a decade, Morten Bay has gained a tremendous insight into how ARPA was led and organized when its innovational efforts peaked.
    • In this inspiring keynote lecture, he takes the audience through the management strategies, the personalities and the spirit that spawned half a decade of groundbreaking innovation.
    • After this talk, you will want to dedicate your life to inventing new and wonderful things.
    • Or at least you will know how to bring the power of innovation into your business, organization or personal endeavors.
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