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Ndumiso Hadebe

Development economist & strategist
Country: South Africa

Keynote speaker Ndumiso Hadebe is a leader and business strategist. Ndumiso has worked with clients in the private and public sector and has helped them with the latest strategies in innovation, leadership and development. He believes in leaving someone better than when you found them, and it shows in his clients’ results.

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Keynote speaker Ndumiso Hadebe is trained in Applied Economics and International Trade. He has served in the faculty board and institutional senate of one of Africa’s leading academic institutions. His knowledge and experience in the private and public sector and his academic background allows him to give presentations to leaders and managers with advice and strategies to influence private businesses, the market and the state in a way that increases the level of competitiveness and allows the state to respond to the challenges the country is facing. As a researcher in the enterprise development sector he did a lot of work with smaller businesses and their contribution to local communities.

Strong-willed speaker Ndumiso Hadebe is also the winner of One Day Leader season 2, which is a South African tv-show in which six young leaders showcase their leadership skills while dealing with South Africa’s modern day political, social and economic issues. In 2014, he served as a Future Leaders Mentor on SABC 1. The goal was to develop sustainable solutions for the young adults living in low-income communities across South Africa.

Ndumiso is also the founder of a consulting firm, Master Frontiers Advisory, which helps leaders and businesses reach their goals. He commits his time to development and has a true passion for helping and changing people and businesses. Our speaker Ndumiso Hadebe has been described as one of Africa’s emerging youth leaders, and his solutions and presentations will show his fresh millennial approach to problem solving.

    Keynote by Speaker Ndumiso Hadebe

    Why bad leadership is actually good

    • Organizations find themselves in the interplay between leadership and economics
    • “Why bad leadership is actually gooddebunks myths about what good leadership is
    • Learn how to manage rapid change, transform your organizational culture and stay ahead of the game.
    • What does the future of your organisation look like without the proper understanding of the youth market?


    Keynote by Speaker Ndumiso Hadebe

    The truth behind fake news: A view of South Africa through the eyes of its young intelligentsia

    • This presentation provides honest reflections of young South Africans that serve as meaningful insights in harnessing the ability to navigate the South African landscape.
    • How to craft meaningful and coherent business strategy in a global context
    • Which brand and marketing strategies work for young people?
    • How to lift up your business whilst uplifting people
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