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Neal Fullerton

Musical teambuilding expert & speaker
Country: Norway, UK

With his unique ‘Musical Energiser’ sessions, keynote speaker Neal Fullerton transforms conference audiences into enthusiastic participants. His totally interactive and entertaining musical talks bring people closer as Neal uses the universal language of music, and very simple instruments, as a powerful metaphor for working together.

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Neal Fullerton is a dynamic and engaging speaker who combines a broad range of experience from the world of music, sales, entertainment, performance, NLP, marketing, teaching, and music-therapy. Keynote speaker Neal Fullerton uses music interactively with audiences to energise conferences and as a metaphor for teamwork.

Using very basic musical instruments (specially-tuned colourful plastic tubes called “Boomwhackers”) handed out to the entire audience, Neal creates an “instant orchestra”. Imagine 500 colleagues playing Beethoven’s 9th together! Making music together vividly demonstrates the importance of cooperation, listening to others and effective leadership. Unlike a conventional motivational talk, Neal Fullerton’s audience members get to actually reach a specific goal themselves – playing Beethoven – by working together as a team. Neal’s sessions create a shared sense of achievement within the group and an atmosphere of participation that can benefit the entire meeting.

Before developing his ‘Musical Energiser’ sessions, ingenious speaker Neal Fullerton worked in Sales Management, Key Account, and Marketing roles with blue-chip corporations such as Pilkington and Bausch & Lomb. Having also worked in the commercial field, Neal possesses a real-world understanding of organisations and conferences which allows him to carefully tailor his sessions to each client’s individual corporate needs.

Our speaker Neal Fullerton has entertained and performed for many leading international companies over the last 15 years, and clients are always delighted by the impact of his sessions. Audiences enjoy Neal’s warm personality and sense of fun, whilst his musical expertise and entertainment experience allow him to connect with any group. His sessions cut across all perceived boundaries of nationality, culture, age, and status, and they are a memorable way to illustrate what we can do when we cooperate. Audiences are always completely amazed at what they have just achieved together.

    Speaker Neal Fullerton Keynote Topics

    Keynote speaker Neal Fullerton will get your audience involved – whether you need an energetic kick-start to a meeting, an after-lunch activity to re-focus delegates or something that will close the meeting on a high point. As a metaphor for working together, his sessions demonstrate how:

    • Each person’s contribution is important and necessary to achieve the goal
    • It is vital that each member of the group “sticks to the plan” rather than “doing their own thing”
    • Individuals must focus on playing their particular part without being distracted by others
    • Using existing resources differently can deliver unexpectedly positive results
    • Precision dramatically improves the end result
    • Taking ownership and using initiative pushes performance forward
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