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Nigel Gifford

Innovator, Logistics Expert and Risk Taker
Country: UK

Speaker Nigel Gifford is not scared of failing or falling. Whether it’s jumping out an airplane, taking huge entrepreneurial risks or going against the current, Nigel doesn’t care about people’s worries or concerns. He is the definition of a true innovator. Nigel is the engineer behind the very first edible drone, Pouncer, which will deliver food to areas of disaster that are hard to reach.

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“I’ve always been attracted to the art of the impossible”

Keynote speaker Nigel Gifford has made quite a name for himself. In 2014, he made headlines when he was part of the team behind Facebook Aquila – a solar-powered drone intended to provide internet access to remote places. As the man behind the first ever edible drone, he is sure to make headlines once again, although it is still in the design phase. In the army, Nigel specialized in feeding hostile environments and knew this was problematic and risky. When he was asked to design a drone to deliver food, he thought: “Why not just make it all out of food?”.

As a speaker Nigel Gifford is thought-provoking, educating and inspiring. Nigel will teach you the power of disruptive technologies and how this plays a huge role in human connection, early weather warnings and problem-solving.

    Speaker Nigel Gifford Keynote Topics

    • Agile Entrepreneurism
    • The age of the Astropreneur
    • The art of winning and losing
    • The importance of disruption and Innovation
    • Futurism and connectivity
    • The death of the traditional career
    • Robots, Cyborgs and Drones
    • Knowing when to stop
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