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Dr. Olivia Remes

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Dr. Olivia Remes – Cambridge University (UK) Authority on Mental Health; Best-selling Author; Executive and Team Coach; BBC radio personality; Vogue contributor

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Dr Olivia Remes is a mental health researcher at the University of Cambridge, bestselling author, executive and team coach, and BBC radio personality. At Cambridge University, she has been Programme Director of Mental Health in the Workplace, completed a PhD on mental health and received Advanced Executive Coaching training. Olivia has been delivering seminars, workshops and coaching clients (ex. Samsung, Kaizen, Aviva health insurance, BCLP Law Firm) in the private and public sectors. Her work on wellbeing and mental health has been featured by the BBC, Today Programme, USA Today, Channel News Asia, the Times of India, and Le Social in France.

Why you should book Dr. Olivia Remes for your next event

  • Olivia will deliver a keynote, workshop or coaching session(s) tailored specifically for your needs and audience; sample keynotes are provided, although Olivia will create a custom-fit product for your organisation.
  • She speaks on a variety of topics, including practical strategies for boosting mental health and wellbeing in any context.
  • Olivia has helped individuals, leaders and institutions develop best practices; implement agile working; acquire desired behaviours, resilience, and face change with a determined mindset; optimize time management, and others.

Over the past decade, Olivia has developed a system of coping strategies that help people gain their control back in life and bounce back from adversity; overcome anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, procrastination, indecision, lifestyle habits holding people back. She helps people become more motivated, decisive, and optimistic.
Olivia has delivered seminars and workshops, and coached audiences around the world. Her clients have included Samsung, Kaizen, University of Cambridge (UK), International Association of Accountants and Auditors, among others. She has been invited to speak on podcasts (e.g., Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, TED Radio Hour in the US) and media platforms (e.g., BBC) around the world.

She has written extensively about mental health and wellbeing, and her work has been republished in the UK, US, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Poland, Russia, and Germany. Olivia is also an executive and team coach and helps people let go of fear and face challenges with a calm, determined mindset. She draws on several disciplines and uses frameworks to inform and ground her practice, and uses robust, validated tools to measure client progress.

She has given TED talks viewed over 3 million times, writes for Vogue, and is a regular contributor to BBC Cambridgeshire radio. Her best-selling book, The Instant Mood Fix, was released in May 2021 and is published by Penguin Random House.

See keynotes with Dr. Olivia Remes
Keynote by Olivia Remes

How to take back control of your life and become resilient

Levels of stress, anxiety and depression are high and we’re looking for new ways to take back control of our lives. New ways to become resilient and bounce back. Whether you’ve been dealt a good or bad hand in life, or are stuck in a difficult situation, now is the time to take charge and bounce back to get closer to the life you want.

Dr. Olivia Remes will be sharing strategies for letting go of stress, worry, thinking patterns that may be holding you back, and showing the steps towards greater wellbeing and resilience – based on research.

Keynote by Olivia Remes

How to secure the mental health of your business and support wellbeing at work

Background information: What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, high stress, and low morale in the workplace? How can you recognize if someone may be suffering and hence, their productivity and performance is impacted? How do you approach or talk to them as a co-worker, manager, or leader of an organization?

In this keynote, Cambridge University mental health expert, Dr. Olivia Remes, will reveal the keys to this, and will teach the audience actionable strategies for overcoming these challenges.  It will also provide a highly-practical, relevant framework on mental health and wellbeing that you can take back to your workplace – you will learn how to use this framework and apply it to your own workforce.

Audience takeaway:

You will receive a workable, organization-relevant framework that you can take back to the workplace to help you understand the causes of poor versus positive mental health, who is at risk, and what you can do about it. We will learn how to use this framework during the talk – audience interaction will be key to this.

Keynote by Olivia Remes

Change: what is it and how can you get there?

How can you change yourself and influence those around you – by applying the latest insights from psychology and psychiatry in order to do this?

In this talk, Dr. Olivia Remes will show you practical, engaging, and effective ways to tackle these aspects. In this talk, we will look at what change means, the steps to changing ourselves and others, and how our brains are impacted in response to the strategies we will be discussing. Bring the problem areas that you as an individual would like to change, or that your organization is experiencing, and we will tackle these one by one.


Keynote by Olivia Remes

How to develop a growth mindset during times of stress and transitions

Some organizations that face adversity and change spiral downwards, while others faced with the exact same challenges learn to thrive. Some people who are faced with setbacks give up while others persevere and relish the opportunity for a challenge. How to switch from a defeating mindset – to a growth mindset. Especially during a time of stress and transition. This empowering, insightful talk is customized to fit your audience and the situations you are dealing with.

Audience takeaways:

  • How adversity and stress can be seen in a defeating or motivating way – and how this impacts your productivity at work, self-confidence, and decision-making abilities
  • 4 research-based strategies to change your mindset and begin to thrive
  • How to change the mindsets of others you’re working with and help them thrive in the midst of stress and uncertainty
Keynote by Olivia Remes

How to beat procrastination and get motivated, based on science

Procrastination is just a bad habit.  It is often linked to low self-belief and can get in the way of your goals and dreams.

In this talk, Cambridge University mental health expert, Dr. Olivia Remes will show you actionable strategies for beating procrastination and getting motivated.  It will show you how you can turn your life around by adopting simple strategies to help you overcome inertia and bounce back.  And overcome self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your potential.


Dear Olivia, First of all, thank you for your excellent presentation that you gave at our meeting on Friday. You have been the best rated presentation for this meeting and most probably from all the meetings we had. You made our event a success. Your being present at our functions was also very appreciated as our members had a chance to discuss a bit more with you.


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