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Oscar di Montigny

Chief Marketing, Innovation, Communication Officer at Banca Mediolanum
Country: Italy

Keynote speaker Oscar di Montigny is a recognised global influencer on Futurism, Innovation, Marketing, Corporate Communication and Education. He is the creator and pioneer of the Economy 0.0 principles. Oscar is a passionate and motivating public speaker who has participated at many international events.

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Oscar di Montigny’s aim and vision is to contribute to and help young generations to be able to face future challenges and opportunities. Oscar is the creator and main proponent of the Economy 0.0 principles, which seek to combine business and management with philosophy, art and science. He has recognised that the challenges that faces companies and business today, have become largely ‘cultural’. Those who know how to predict the newest technological, social and market mega-trends will be the ones who succeed and rise to the top.

In Oscar’s first book “Il tempo dei Nuovi Eroi” (Time of the New Heroes), he deals with the classic economy and the fundamental themes that make up the Economy 0.0 principles. An ideal that is based on co-creative cultural capital, transparency, gratitude, a renewed sense of responsibility and a great focus on the human being, whose inner development must be the purpose of any social discipline.

After years of marketing experience in various international groups, Oscar is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Banca Mediolanum. Additionally in 2009, he founded the Mediolanum Corporate University (MCU), which was recognised as the 2nd best Corporate University in the world in 2013 at the Corporate Council Universities Awards.

    Speaker Oscar di Montigny Keynote Topics

    • Business
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Economy
    • Future and Mega-trends
    • Generation Y
    • Innovation
    • Inspiration
    • Marketing/Sales
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