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Owen McCree

Leadership, Life and Business coach
Country: South Africa

Keynote speaker Owen McCree is a life and business coach with a passion for helping his clients to optimize their business strategy and ensure sustainable growth. After gaining experience through his career in the mining industry, Owen McCree founded The Compliance Group: a contextual business consulting company, with specialization in the Occupational Health and Safety domain.

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Owen McCree has spent much of his career in the mining industry covering mine planning and design, mineral resource management, production and ore extraction, as well as occupational health & safety. In 2013 he left the mining industry to start up The Compliance Group, the holding company of Owen’s speaker company Owen McCree International, where he consults on several aspects of business and leadership, from corporate strategy down to operational tactics and implementation. 


Do you need help with your business strategy?

Owen McCree’s passion is the optimization of systems and ensuring continual improvement in businesses. This is why The Compliance Group is passionate about providing sound sustainable strategy development and effective operational tactical development to support their client’s strategy. In order to achieve this, Owen McCree helps businesses define critical success factors and weaknesses that affect the dynamics of the business. The next step is to address these factors, keeping in mind the business’ goals. 

Not only a great consultant but an experienced speaker, Owen McCree has spoken at corporate events, strategy sessions, summits and international events such as the Global Health and Safety Conference in Mining, where he was ranked 2nd among the international speakers. He is a powerful speaker who captivates audiences. His expertise is sought after, and he has done exclusive interviews with Namakwa FM and published several articles online, as well as a short e-book on the overview of Organisational Safety Culture and the basic culture principles that has to be in place for a functional culture, program, campaign or project to flourish.

    Speaker Owen McCree Keynote Topics

    • What is Leadership and How does it Work?
    • Creating and Maintaining Trust in your Organization
    • The “Basic Art of War” for Business
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