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Parham Donyai

Mentor & Entrepreneur
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Parham Donyai is a well-known entrepreneur who truly started from the bottom. He is an expert when it comes to entrepreneurship and will be a perfect addition to any event regarding success, business, marketing and sales.

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Originally born in Iran, Parham Donyai came to the United Kingdom at age 14. His parents had lost their house and their small business and Parham himself was practically homeless. He decided he would never struggle again.

Parham Donyai went on to study intending to be a lawyer but he ended up leaving the legal profession fairly early in order to instead pursue his entrepreneurial dreams, and in 1997 he founded the renowned LA Muscle Sports Nutrition as well as The Active Channel which became one of the most successful SKY television programs addressing health and fitness. In fact, the LA Muscle concept store was short-listed by the Retail weekly magazine as ‘Best Small Store’ in the UK because of its impressive premium design.

Parham Donyai may be well-versed when it comes to premium branding and luxury marketing but he is also a qualified complementary medicine practionator, a published author and a maker of documentaries.

    Speaker Parham Donyai Keynote Topics

    • The Mindset of an Entrepreneur
    • How to Start and Plan a Business
    • How to Run a Successful Business
    • How to be a Powerful Salesperson
    • Branding Advertising and PR
    • Luxury Products and Luxury Marketing
    • Effective Sales Strategy that Guarantees Success
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