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Pearce Flannery

Pearce Flannery

Author and Entrepreneur
Country: Ireland

Keynote speaker Pearce Flannery is a celebrated motivational speaker. His high energy and his experience as an successful entrepreneur and economic commentator enable Pearce to deliver captivating keynotes which are guaranteed to challenge audiences and help them pursue their goals and dreams.

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Pearce Flannery is an award winning entrepreneur and best selling author. He is renowned as one of the worlds leading motivational speakers and training facilitators. He is also the founder of the acclaimed Pragmatica™ organisation. This is an organisation whose seminars are celebrated worldwide for delivering extraordinary performance through his unique range of corporate training solutions. Pearce has coached and mentored thousands of people and is able to name many leading international business, sporting and political personalities amongst his clients. As an economic commentator Pearce enjoys the retrospective accolade of being the first to highlight in print and the general media the problems with the Irish economy and their causes. At the time his stand on this was not a popular one.

His programmes and development seminars are delivered in his inspirational, high impact and motivational style and they are guaranteed to challenge participants to drive the change required in pursuit of their goals.

    Speaker Pearce Flannery Keynote Topics

    • Motivation
    • Goal Setting
    • Personal Development
    • Enterprise development
    • Business startups
    • A range of Perspectives on the Irish economy
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