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Pete Wallroth

Charity Founder & Keynote Speaker
Country: UK

Speaker Pete Wallroth is passionate about supporting men and women dealing with illness and loss. He helps raise awareness for causes such as cancer during pregnancy and men’s/fathers mental health.

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Pete Wallroth is the founder and CEO of a charity called Mummy’s Star. He founded the charity in memory of his wife Mair, with the goal of offering support to women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months of having a baby. As founder of a charity and as a keynote speaker, Pete Wallroth works to ensure that women are given all the normal choices in pregnancy that they would have without their diagnosis. Pete gives talks to hospitals and cancer centres, helping to improve knowledge about this area.

Single father and keynote speaker Pete Wallroth also works to raise awareness of mens/fathers mental health. He helps men dealing with difficult times by breaking down societal presumptions about what fathers can’t/can do. His experiences caring for a sick partner and dealing with loss allow him to truly speak from the heart.

Even before forming his charity, speaker Pete Wallroth was passionately working to better lives. For 10 years, he worked in the housing and regeneration sector, facilitating a variety of youth, health and environmental improvement projects in some of Greater Manchester’s most deprived communities.

    Speaker Pete Wallroth Keynote Topics

    • Family Challenges during illness

    Dealing with both pregnancy and cancer is a difficult situation – yet one that most hospitals and cancer centers unfortunately aren’t equipped to deal with. Speaker Pete Wallroth tries to improve this through this educational and emotional talk. In his talks he shares case studies and various examples of good practice that help families dealing with the difficulties that come with cancer.
    There are so many unique challenges which families have to face during illness, and who better to speak on this topic than Pete since he has experienced the challenges first hand. 

    • Men’s Mental Health

    Grief is never easy and as a man it can be particularly challenging due to societal presumptions. Pete knows first-hand how to get through grief as a single dad. He is equipped to speak on many aspects of fatherhood, grief and men’s mental health.

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