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Humorous and entertaining stories about life, love, and sport


Peter C. Brown

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Awards, sporting, & charity host and humorous keynote speaker who loves making people laugh. Former banker with HBOS.

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Our keynote speaker Peter C. Brown loves making people laugh, and his stories about sport, life, and marriage are guaranteed to do just that. An inspiring storyteller and host of all sorts of events, he entertains audiences with observations and stories that we can all relate to in the world we live in.  

The keynote speaker Peter C. Brown is a Scottish awards, sporting, and charity host.

Until his retirement in 2008, Peter C. Brown was a career banker with HBOS. He is a keen golfer, and it was in this setting that his passion for speaking and entertaining came to light. As Chairman of Glenbervie golf club in the mid 90s, Peter C. Brown was tasked with chairing awards dinners, and it was here that he realised that he loved making people laugh – and a new career was born.

He has since concentrated on developing his speaking career and entertains people on a regular basis. So far, our humorous speaker Peter C. Brown has experienced the world through travels that took him from Calgary to Chester, from London to Linlithgow, and from Ayr to Aberdeen.

An avid storyteller, his stories are all about life, love, and sport, and resonate with audiences regardless of the occasion. Whether it will be a corporate, sporting or charity event, or even a Burns Supper, the charismatic speaker Peter C. Brown does his utmost to make sure that he “always leaves you smiling.” As he says, his ambition is to be the last man on earth, just to find out if what all the girls told him in high school are true!

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Interview with Peter C. Brown

Who or what inspires you most?
My speaking inspiration came from watching Roy Walker on TV. I found him incredibly funny in the early days and admired his cool, calm delivery. I was always a lad that enjoyed telling a funny story and there is no greater feeling than making people laugh.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?
I think I would have to say speaking at a lunch with Peter Alliss. I am a keen golfer and I have always admired the work he does at golf tournaments. His interpretation whilst commentating is refreshing and for me he is the best in the business. Sadly age is catching up but nevertheless he sets the bar level. Obviously, getting letters after the dinners from clients expressing how delighted they were with my contribution comes a close second.

What lessons from the world of banking have you taken with you into your speaking career?
Always treat people and your audience with respect. Make sure before you perform you know your audience and what is likely to make them tick. All too often I have spoken with other individuals at dinners and they have not done their research properly and consequently have had a torrid evening.

How much does humour factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?
Totally. My knowledge of religion, politics and anything else controversial is pretty average to say the least, so best not to incorporate it in any of my speeches. My experience tells me to stick to what I know best and that is all about leaving my audience wanting more. Laughter is the best medicine and living in the world we live in today, the more laughter out there the better.

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