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Peter Sims

Peter Sims

Entrepreneur and Author
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Peter Sims is a successful entrepreneur and acknowledged author. His books explore the topics of idea generation, being innovative and being successful. Peter Sims delivers powerful keynotes on innovation, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Peter Sims is an entrepreneur and best-selling author. His latest book, Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, explores the question of how people and organizations can recognize and discover revolutionary ideas by using the experimental innovative approach practiced inside Apple, in military counterinsurgency strategy, and at Pixar, among others.  Even in a more risk averse era, Sims offers ways of thinking and working that will enable you, your teams, and your organization to become more innovative and effective.

Little Bets grew out of a collaboration with faculty at Stanford’s Institute of Design (the d.school), a hub of creative thinking and doing, and his previous work in venture capital with Summit Partners, where he worked with some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs and was a part of the team that established Summit’s European Office in London.

He was also the coauthor with Bill George of the best-seller True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership, is a member of G.E.’s Innovation Advisory Panel, and is a Co-founder and Director of Fuse Corps, a social venture that places entrepreneurial leaders on year-long grassroots projects with mayors and governors to tackle some of America’s most pressing problems. Peter is a graduate of Bowdoin and the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

    Keynote by Speaker Peter Sims

    Little Bets | Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Design

    • Based on extensive research, including over 200 interviews with successful creators and innovators, Peter Sims demonstrates that the kind of linear problem-solving and fear of failure we were conditioned to embrace actively thwarts creativity.
    • Whether it’s Steve Jobs or architect Frank Gehry or the ‘braintrust’ at Pixar, there is no complete plan or vision at the outset.
    • Rather, through a process of trying and failing in incremental ways, they gain critical information as they go from one small, experimental step to the next—which eventually lead to extraordinary breakthroughs.
    • These so-called “little bets” helped spark the ideas that led to companies like Twitter and blockbuster movies like the Toy Story franchise.
    • We can learn to think and work like those we think of as geniuses—failing fast to learn quickly, trying imperfect ideas, focusing on finding problems rather than solving them, and practicing highly immersed observation—to turn our own little bets into big successes.


    Keynote by Speaker Peter Sims

    Authentic Leadership | Leadership and Entrepreneurship

    • Based on the lessons learned from 125 of the world’s most-respected entrepreneurs and leaders profiled for True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership, including Charles Schwab, Starbuck’s founder Howard Schultz, CEO of Palm Inc. Donna Dubinsky, Jeffrey Immelt of General Electric, Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy, Andrea Jung CEO of Avon Products, and Narayana Murthy of Infosys, Peter speaks about overcoming life crucibles and setbacks, clarifying personal values and motivations, developing effective support structures, using your life story to motivate and inspire others, approaches for staying grounded, and personal leadership development plans.

Peter Sims’s Keynote Speaking Topics