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Van Hooser

Phillip Van Hooser

travels from USA

MBA, CSP, CPAE, business leader, Hall of Fame keynote speaker and author on leadership performance and service

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5 out of 5 stars

"...the best speaker that I saw during the conference..."

D. Ritter, Human Resource Generalist, Rowe Professional Services Company See all references
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Speaker Phil Van Hooser is a Hall of Fame keynote presenter and author who helps organizations transform their business outcomes by transforming the talent of their people.

Top U.S. companies and small-town entrepreneurs alike experience strengthened employee and customer relations, heightened levels of engagement and better bottom line business results using Van Hooser’s commonsense approach to leadership development and service professionalism.

An accomplished speaker, author and business leader, Phil has written multiple books including Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership, We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical and Willie’s Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty.

Phil is a 30+ year member of the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. In 2014, Phil started a non-profit initiative for the development of rural-area millennial leaders. Calling it one of the most rewarding efforts of his career, Phil serves as advisor, leadership instructor, mentor and coach for 25 to 35 year olds seeking leadership growth and training.

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Keynote by speaker Phil Van Hooser

Ground Rules for Leaders

New leaders, mid level managers and executives – any leader who is feeling the pressure to perform — needs to know the essential, yet often, unspoken ground rules of building cohesive leadership relationships. This keynote, drawn from Phil’s popular book, Leaders Ought to Know, delivers leadership strategies that propel managers into respected, integrity-based leaders — leaders with staying power — leaders who can perform at ever increasing levels of responsibility. When practiced consistently, these leadership strategies help leaders know:

  • How to motivate — not manipulate — to get results
  • How to communicate with honesty, integrity and confidentiality
  • How to earn the respect of those you lead
  • How to manage fear and control emotions
  • How to take responsibility and be accountable


Keynote by speaker Phil Van Hooser

We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

Knowing how to communicate is a huge factor in leadership and organizational success. A leader’s ability to communicate impacts all facets of business operations — bottom line issues like: sales and production — customer and employee relationships — productivity, cost reduction and profitability. For leaders who need help with their communication skills, this keynote, based on Phil’s book by the same title, presents six commonsense strategies that help leaders immediately improve the results of their communications efforts. When applied to their own enterprises, managers and front line staff understand:

  • How to improve employee morale through listening skills
  • How to reduce conflict and improve team relations by building trust
  • How to rein in “brutal honesty”
  • How to rebuild believability when truthfulness hasn’t always been practiced
  • How to deliver difficult or sensitive messages with tact
  • How to get results by ensuring messages are interpreted correctly
Keynote by speaker Phil Van Hooser

Motivating Managers, Millennials & Misfits

More than any other issue, leaders struggle with how to motivate employee performance — yes, the performance of Millennials, but also the performance of other generational employee groups. Whether it’s Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, or the up-and-coming Gen Zers you’re working with, learn the methods that really motivate individual employee performance long-term.

  • Learn the secrets to communicating with Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials or Gen Zers
  • Learn two motivational truths that apply to all generational groups
  • Identify five clues to an employee’s level of motivation
  • Explore methods to discover what will motivate each employee
Keynote by speaker Phil Van Hooser

Professionalism Is a Choice

Is the unprofessional “good enough is good enough” mentality costing your organization money, market share and reputation? In this keynote presentation, discover practical ways to set yourself apart from the competition and save your organization the high cost of unprofessional choices. Set your organization ahead of the competition by knowing:

  • How to solve problems rather than assign blame
    Why integrity cannot be compromised — ever
  • How to reverse the negative habits of whining and whispering
  • The personal and professional costs of immoral or unethical choices
  • That perfection is impossible — but excellence and continuous improvement are essential


Keynote by speaker Phil Van Hooser

It's Your Call! Tools & Rules for Big League Decision Making

It’s Your Call: Tools & Rules for Big League Decision Making will show you and your team how to take the lead in making smart decisions. From Phil’s training at Wendelstedt’s School for professional umpires, his work in Employee Relations, Human Resources and Safety Training, and his experience as a leadership training expert for top U.S. companies, you will:

  • Discover the importance of having the necessary – but seldom taught — tools for decision making.
    Assess your understanding of the written — and unwritten — rules for smart decisions.
  • Consider how you are positioned before making critical decisions.
  • Understand the factors affecting how and when to make “the call.”
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“…absolutely wonderful job with our group. I only heard positive feedback…”

B. Jones, Agronomy Manager

Anheuser Busch

“Phil Van Hooser has helped my team immensely. He has adapted his style to every situation we have utilized him for and the results are just outstanding.”

D. Goff, Division Manager

Helena Agri-Enterprises

“…you rocked again!”

D. Hanks, Training Specialist

Coca Cola Credit Union

“Great insight into how leaders should behave in today’s business climate.”

J. Belcher, Director, General Manager

Lockheed Martin

“…truly impactful.”

M. Flynn, Human Resources Manager

ABC Home Medical Supply, Inc.

“you were a big hit!”

B. Natz, CEO

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association

"...his session was awesome! I have many take aways..."

K. Opland, Human Resource Business Partner

HORIBA Instruments Incorporated

"...the best speaker that I saw during the conference..."

D. Ritter, Human Resource Generalist

Rowe Professional Services Company

Interview with Phillip Van Hooser

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

When addressing my chosen topic of “leadership” I want people to recognize:

  • that a dire need exists for more effective leaders in almost every organization;
  • that effective leadership skills can be learned and developed;
  • and that leadership is not about position, but rather about the ability to offer service and the willingness to take action.

What is the feeling you would like people to take away?

If I do my job well from the platform, audience members should leave feeling encouraged, inspired, empowered and armed with new tools and skills to to lead and perform more effectively.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

My preparation involves studying the industry, the organization and when appropriate, interviewing company or organization representatives.  Whenever possible, I like to arrive at the meeting early to listen to the speakers before me, especially speakers from within the organization.  I am often able to tie their comments and perspectives back into my presentation, thus shaping a more cohesive message for the meeting.

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I love what I do because of what I learn from the organizations, the audience members and the overall experience.  Each new talk better prepares me for the talks that will follow.  I have been speaking full-time and professionally for more than 24 years.  During that time I have given more than 3,200 presentations to more than 800 different organizations around the world.  There is no better education available to me than that which I continue to live.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

I learned long ago that the use of appropriate humor is key to developing a receptive learning atmosphere and maintaining audience attention and participation. I use humor liberally, but I never tell jokes, nor do I resort to the use of off color or inappropriate humor or language. My humor is original humor, carefully designed to accentuate the message being communicated.  In other words, it is humor crafted specifically for the larger purpose at hand.

What are some of the important aspects of transformational leadership?

Transformational leadership is focused on acknowledging, accepting, and providing leadership for the changes that are taking place in industries, organizations, departments and within individuals.  It is both a mindset and skill set that says we will embrace the changes we are certain to experience and help others to do the same for their good and for the good of the organization.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

My keynotes incorporate a healthy mixture of concept, challenge, common sense and fun.  I liberally use real life stories to illustrate the message I am working to communicate. My audiences are never bored because I make them a part of the experience.

Do you have any unique memorable moments in your speaking career?

After 3,200+ professional speaking engagements, I literally have more memorable experiences than I can list.  I have spoken to groups as large as 7,500 and as small as 2. I have spoken from huge, ornate stages and from a flatbed trailer with hay bales under a broiling sun.

I have addressed highly trained special forces military personnel and I have spoken to young women working as mermaids at a themed park. I have spoken at celebratory gatherings and I have spoken in the most somber of occasions (following 9/11).

However, the most memorable occasions usually occur after the presentations when I have the opportunity to meet and interact with the various members of my audiences, hearing firsthand from them how they were benefited in some way by something I said or did. Those are the best memories of all.

What are the three most important things to remember when striving to provide excellent customer service?

  • The focus is always on the customer and his or her needs and wants.
  • There is no substitute for professionalism in practice.
  • There is a noticeable difference to the customer  between “service provision” and “service professionalism”.
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Phillip Van Hooser
Phillip Van Hooser

5 out of 5 stars

"...the best speaker that I saw during the conference..."

D. Ritter, Human Resource Generalist, Rowe Professional Services Company See all references

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