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Rachel Bridge

Rachel Bridge

Author, Journalist, and Motivational Speaker
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Rachel Bridge is a dynamic speaker who gives talks on what brings success in life and in business, and how you can apply it to your own personal ambitions or career development. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, looking to start a small business, or looking to grow as a person, Rachel can help you on the right path.

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Throughout her career, Rachel Bridge has interviewed hundreds of successful people for her books and newspaper articles, including Simon Cowell, Judy Craymer and Peter Jones. She is passionate about supporting, encouraging and inspiring people to take control of their lives and pursue their dream, whatever that may be, and at whatever age and stage they are at in their lives. She also speaks to companies on how they can retain, motivate and inspire their workforce. A diverse speaker, Rachel is happy to make a speech, host an event, facilitate a panel session, or run a workshop.

Energetic and passionate, with over a decade of speaking experience, Rachel has taken two solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, presenting on “Ambition” and “How to make a million before lunch”. These topics are also covered in some of her books. Rachel Bridge is the best-selling author of six books about smart thinking, personal development and entrepreneurship, including “How to Start a business without any Money” and “Ambition: why it’s good to want more and how to get it”.

Rachel’s background includes a MA (Hons) degree in Economics from Cambridge University, and several years experience as a foreign correspondent and a freelance journalist for The Times, as well as an enterprise editor for the Sunday Times. She is now a motivational speaker and a consultant to entrepreneurial businesses, as well as Director of Content and Entrepreneurship at Drax, an executive search firm specialising in private equity.

    Speaker Rachel Bridge Keynote Topics

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Small businesses
    • Business development and growth
    • Personal development
    • The secrets of success in life
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