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Ray Hammond

Futurist, professional Speaker and Author
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced futurist. In 35 years of predicting future trends, time has proven his forecasting accuracy. He is a sought-after keynote, pre- and after-dinner speaker with galvanizing thoughts, remarkable theories and entertaining anecdotes. Ray Hammond is one of the leading authorities in futurology.

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The Future trend spotter

Keynote speaker Ray Hammond has been researching on the future for the last 35 years. He continuously studies the major trends that will shape the future and he is now living in the period that he first described three decades ago.

In 2010, Ray Hammond was awarded with a United Nations Gold Medal for “services to futurology”. Former President Mikhail Gorbachev presented the honor to him in Italy.

His body of work contains 16 books about the future. His first book was published in 1982; two years later followed by his prestigious book “The Online Handbook”. This was the world’s first book to describe the commercial potential of the internet and to identify the importance of “search”. Currently, Ray Hammond is working on a book called “Smart bodies: How digital technology will transform your health”, his most recent publication ‘The Black Hole’ has just become available, published through Endeavour Press.

In recent years speaker Ray Hammond has provided some of the world’s biggest companies including Apple, GE, IBM, MasterCard, HSBC, Barclaycard, McKinsey, Intel, Samsung, SAP, Adobe, Siemens, Microsoft, Cisco, Accenture and more, with his thoughts about the future. He regularly gives keynotes, pre-dinner speeches, workshops and seminars for collaborations, governments and non-profit organizations.

As a trend spotter and naturally charismatic speaker his speeches are in high demand. Keynote speaker Ray Hammond engages his audience and diverts his listeners. His futuristic thoughts encourage his attendees to reflect about the future. Europe’s most experienced futurist is a great match for an innovative event.


    Speaker Ray Hammond Keynote Topic:

    The seven key drivers of the future


    In this keynote, speaker Ray Hammond identifies and explains the implications of the most important trends likely to shape business and society over the next ten to twenty years.

    The details of this presentation are always tailored to the client’s needs.

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