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Ray Kepper

Motivation & Personal Improvement Speaker
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Ray Kepper is a trusted leader, mentor and Master Certified success & life coach. He has over a decade of experience motivating organizations and teams to achieve success in both life and business. Energetic and insightful, Ray electrifies audiences as he delivers original and practical insights on how to do your best!

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It’s time for you to OWN IT

Ray will light a fire inside of you. His previous clients range from corporations such as Best Buy and the Royal Bank of Scotland to youth groups, churches and more! Motivational speaker Ray Kepper is popular with clients who are looking to make positive changes – from every walk of life. Perhaps this is because he customizes his talks for each individual speaking engagement. On top of motivating them to overcome any obstacles, Ray helps his clients discover HOW they can achieve success.


“I want people to live a purposeful, abundant & incredible life. Not just today, everyday!” – Ray Kepper

Ray’s passion and purpose is to encourage and empower people to take control of their lives. He truly believes that anyone can achieve the happiness and success they desire. To make this happen, speaker Ray Kepper helps his clients identify and resolve the obstacles that are holding them back. Whether it be professionally or personally, Ray will motivate you toward your goal!

    Speaker Ray Kepper Keynote Topics:

    • Lighting the fire within you
    • Being effective & the best – no matter what you do in the company
    • Sales
    • Entrepreneurship
    • No matter what the topic is, Ray creates custom keynotes to motivate YOU!
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