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Régis Yélian Ezin

Serial Entrepreneur
Country: Benin

Business speaker Régis Yélian Ezin is the Founder and CEO of Iridium, as well as a writer and musician. Passionate about reviving traditions through modern twists, he has created a successful business making modernized traditional African snacks.

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From childhood, speaker Régis Ezin was creative and thought outside the box, writing stories and designing projects. He attended The Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication (ISIT) in Paris where he obtained a master’s degree in Translation and Intercultural Management, Major of Promotion.


Revisited Tradition

As he returned to his home country –Benin- the ambitious serial-entrepreneur was excited by challenges and started his first company in communication and marketing in 2012. In 2015, Régis also moved into agribusiness. Currently, he has 31 employees and runs a fast growing company.

His company Iridium owns the brand Dayélian, which produces modernized traditional culinary products, like gari, kluiklui shredded coconut, spiced fried fish, and many more.

Speaker Régis Ezin offers dozens of products symbolized by the perfect blend between the old essence of African culinary culture and the contemporary aura of trendy products.

This visionary and bold young entrepreneur, married and father of one child, has conquered Benin and is now getting ready to invade the rest of the continent, as well as the entire world, with his ‘Revisited Tradition’ concept.

He also takes an active part in his community through ‘For Action’, an NGO he founded in 2008 which invests in education and food for disadvantaged populations.

    Speaker Régis Ezin Keynote Topics


    Keynote by Speaker Régis Ezin



    * You need to start NOW and deal with what you got

    * When you start from the scratch you can only move forward

    * Failure is such a great step in the process of success

    * Focus on your offer and not on money

    * Identify the ideal moment to raise money and climb a step

    * Manage consequences of growth

    * Rules to make it and keep it up

    Keynote by Speaker Régis Ezin



    * How I shifted the angle and changed everything

    * The richness of the culture is the biggest opportunity of the continent

    * Entrepreneurs are Ambassadors and should promote Africa in another way

    * The Nigerian model/example

    Keynote by Speaker Régis Ezin



    * Competition is though in every domain and you should stand out

    * Skills and hardwork are not enough

    * You are a product: Market yourself

    * Build a personal image is real deal

    * Explore your image capital/solid reputation to enter into diversification

    * How I made it with social media, speaking, writing and a hat

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