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A forward-thinking approach to leadership, change and motivation

Reinhard K. Sprenger

Reinhard K. Sprenger

travels from Switzerland

Management expert and advisor, leading authority on management development and motivation and best-selling author

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Our keynote speaker Reinhard K. Sprenger is the "The Management Pope" - a renowned European management expert and advisor on shaping future management and guiding culture in enterprises. A lecturer at the Universities of Berlin, Bochum, Essen and Cologne, his ideas of self-accountability have shaken up the management world both in Europe and the US.

Dr. Reinhard Sprenger studied philosophy, psychology, economics, history and sports at the Ruhr University Bochum, receiving his PhD in 1985 from the Free University Berlin. His books have sold more than half a million copies in Germany alone. The continued success of his books has made him one of the most-read management authors.

His previous positions include being Executive of Human resource development and Training at 3M in Germany and scientific advisor for the Ministry of Culture in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. His expertise has been sought from numerous national and international firms such as Coca-Cola, 3M, Mobil Oil, Philip Morris, Daimler Benz, Hewlett Packard and Siemens.

Reinhard Sprenger embraces the vision of an individualised company, which places people as the main focus. “Leading” according to Reinhard, means above all encouraging, finding the right task for the individual to provoke superior achievement. He squarely confronts the notion that trust is a necessary foundation for individuals and organisations to maximise their potential over time.

His high-powered verbal style includes trailblazing formulas such as “guidance cannot be ordered, guidance is selected”. His forward-thinking approach to change in international management structures leaves his international audiences inspired.

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    Keynote by Speaker Reinhard K. Sprenger 


    • Trust is the strongest foundation for customer loyalty, staff motivation and market confidence.
    • Reinhard Sprenger is a passionate advocate of putting trust into action in the way companies are run.
    • As he shows, management rhetoric is one thing; genuine, deep-seated and widespread trust quite another.
    • In the end, real trust will do more for a company’s security than any security measure, exert control more effectively than any control system, and create more value than any value-creation programme.
    • As this important new book demonstrates, trust is the single most important issue in management today, and the basis for every truly successful company.
    • Yet there is a huge gulf between the rhetoric of trust and the way organizations are actually run.
    • Bridging that gulf is one of the foremost challenges for twenty-first century business.
    • This book has been written to help managers meet that challenge.


    Keynote by Speaker Reinhard K. Sprenger 


    • All the more recent management concepts such as lean management, kaizen an re-engineering can only take hold if people change their attitudes.
    • Independent initiative and courageous innovations are all the more necessary as companies eliminate managerial positions and the gape between levels in the managerial hierarchy grow.
    • Sprenger describes, with the help of many examples, what responsibility is and how managers can promote it: by rethinking and making sensible reductions in the scope of their interventions, leaving responsibility with their employees, supporting them in their efforts to succeed, requiring and concluding explicit commitment agreements and giving differentiated feedback messages.
    • He demonstrates why it is impossible to “transfer” responsibility or to “empower” employees.
    • He argues that role models, visions, supervisory control, persecutor games and zero-defects programs are not valid alternatives.
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