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Remco Breuker

Historian of Korea & Northeast Asia
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Remco Breuker is a historian whose field of expertise is Korea and Northeast Asia. He has studied and worked with medieval and North Korean history as well as contemporary North Korean affairs and Korean and Japanese colonial history. He is also interested in both Korean literature and cinema.

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Keynote speaker Remco Breuker is the author on a number of publications on the medieval state of Koryo, Korean historiography, Northeast Asia and North Korea in general and he has also translated texts and literature from Korean into Dutch (sometimes in collaboration with Imke van Gardingen). He is interested in topics such as margins, marginality, hybridity and pluralism. Since 2014 he has worked actively to help exiled elite voices of North Korea, establishing for them a platform through academia and intellectual debate.

Currently, speaker Remco Breuker is working on an ERC-sponsored project focusing on perceptions of Manchurian history as well as a LeidenAsiaCentre-sponsored project on North Korean forced labour within the EU. Breuker has studied Japanese and Korean studies and has a PhD in Korean history from the Leiden University.

    Speaker Remco Breuker Keynote Topics

    • Korean medieval history (Koryŏ)
    • Northeast-Asian medieval history (Liao, Jin)
    • Korean cinema
    • Korean and Japanese colonial period history
    • Modernity
    • World history
    • Central Asian history
    • Translation of modern Korean literature
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