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de hoop

Richard de Hoop

travels from Netherlands

Certified Belbin Team Role Trainer and motivational speaker helping businesses future proof with the sound of music

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Keynote speaker Richard de Hoop unites business knowledge, creativity and music. His audiences are delighted by his ability to balance between content and entertainment in his electrifying presentations. Being an authentic and enthusiastic speaker, Richard de Hoop is the perfect match for any kind of team building event.

In his keynote speeches Richard de Hoop motivates his audience by calling on them to focus on the strengths of each individual and to place that person where he or she can best use their talents. Just as each instrument in an orchestra has its own musical role to play. He calls this the ‘the Rock ‘n roll of strengths’. Richard de Hoop’s advice to all those who have a motivating leadership role is: ‘look for the sparkle in your employees’ eyes’.

Richard de Hoop on “How resilience makes us future proof”


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    Keynote by Speaker Richard de Hoop

    Harmonising together

    • Are you like the calm bass that establishes the rhythm, or do you play the trumpet, full of initiative within your team?   Richard de Hoop and his team have translated the Team Role Theory developed by Dr. M. Belbin to an orchestra.  Just as an orchestra requires a number of musicians to play together in harmony, human teamwork requires different personalities in order to effectively tackle problems and challenges.  Based on modules such as ‘temperaments’, ‘commitment’ and ‘the music in criticism’, they will give your organisation a metaphor you will enjoy for years to come.
    • Richard compares the range and diversity of peoples’ characters to musical instruments. A drum represents an active, motivated, hands-on pacesetter, whereas the horn is the unobtrusive yet observant team player. To create the right symphony all instruments are important – as members in a team are. When people work under a motivating conductor (their superior) a full sound experience and top performances can be reached by the entire group.

    Keynote by Speaker Richard de Hoop

    Music of the future

    • How will our future look like? With all the major changes in the world we have to admit that we simple do not have the answer on this question. The insecurity about what tomorrow brings is closely related to the stress and strain many of us experience today.
    • In this keynote Richard adresses the topic from a from a social/psychological angle. He talks about the radical changes and losses in his personal life. Suddenly all these clichés about dealing with change start to give meaning. With this genuine story Richard enables his audience to adapt a different view on resilience and change. He alleviates his audience’s fear of change and demonstrates how everybody can continue to be useful to society.

    Keynote by Speaker Richard de Hoop

    [email protected]

    • Can you be passionate in your job? Absolutely; it’s obligatory! Passionate employees are better achievers, are more resilient, optimistic and loyal to their employer. Engaged employees not only perform better, but also have a positive effect on their co-workers’ attitudes. During this presentation Richard de Hoop will share the participants’ search for activities, sources and topics that drive people to excel in their jobs.

Interview with Richard de Hoop

In your [email protected] keynote you say it is important for employees to be passionate about their job. How are you passionate about your job as a public speaker?

First of all it is a privilege to speak to so many people on so many occasions and it gives me the opportunity to share my ideas. In my job as a speaker I can combine my talents, experiences and knowledge on stage. I get a lot of direct feedback from the audiences and most of my clients say that they get inspired to work together more effectively, be [email protected] and improve their social innovation. So because I can use my talents, inspire clients and get positive feedback, I can say that I am passionate about my job.

How is any business team comparable to an orchestra?

Music is a universal language, an unlimited source of inspiration and a great metaphor. The piece of music you want to play decides what kind of instruments you need, just as a business goal decides what kind of team you need. The more complex the piece is the more virtuoso the musicians need to be, just as a complex business challenge asks for brilliant teamplayers.

I use the Belbin Teamroles and compare them with musical instruments. People can relate very easy to the different instruments I present and everybody understands that instruments sound differently, get tuned differently and are played differently. Music is all about making these differences work by listening to each other, tune in to each other and play together. So the way orchestras play together successfully is very helpful for business teams to harmonise their strengths.

Can you provide 3 tips for successful teamwork?

  • Set your goals together, communicate them and check them over and over again.
  • Look for the people with the right talents, characters and skillsets to successfully          reach for the goals (make sure they have a can do/will do mentality).
  • Work on inclusion (make the differences work!).

What does your audience gain from your speeches?

My clients say that they get serious content on teamwork, [email protected] and social innovation brought to them in a unique way (my musical metaphor) so the inspiration and the practical tips sustain over a long period of time. I also provide my clients follow-up with my books, workshops or an account on my e-learning platform www.teamtalenttraining.com

Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

I really find it hard to pick or name just one. But if I have to choose I’d pick a recent workshop we did for a group of young people (age 16 to 20) with a gap between their education (or the lack of education they had because of their circumstances) and the job market. My music metaphor gave them a whole new perspective on their talents. After this workshop I’ve got multiple email messages from them saying which steps they where making in the right direction. That was really rewarding.

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