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Rob Koepp

Rob Koepp

travels from China

Trilingual Author and Consultant

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Keynote speaker Rob Koepp is a trilingual (English, Chinese, and Japanese) author and consultant based in Beijing. With a career spanning the worlds of commentary and execution in management, economics, finance, and public policy, Rob advises on and writes about a variety of organizations and industries as well as challenges and opportunities for building multi-cultural collaboration.

Rob Koepp’s  first book compares models for innovation and entrepreneurship found in California’s Silicon Valley and Europe’s Silicon Fen; his latest book looks at the dynamics of globalization from the perspective of Chinese firms that list on US stock markets.

Rob has particular expertise in the dynamics of creative and knowledge-intensive enterprises. He authored the book Clusters of Creativity: Enduring Lessons on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley and Europe’s Silicon Fen(John Wiley, 2002), which looks at the underpinning dynamics and key mechanisms of IT and life-science clusters from a global perspective, detailing how high-tech regions and their constituent companies are financed, managed, and generate wealth. Following the success of Clusters, Rob was selected by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology as a report leader in a series of World Bank-sponsored studies on China’s technology park system and reform of China’s national technology industrialization policies.

Rob is currently at work on a new book titled Betting on China: How the Forces of Chinese Capitalism and American Stock Markets are Shaping the World Economy.

Drawing on his extensive experience in China, with this latest project Rob shows how the successes and failures of US-listed Chinese companies demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses in Western and Chinese economic systems and business environments. Navigating between the extremes of bullish and bearish interpretations, he explores the real China story in a global context from the perspectives of entrepreneurs, investors, and other market participants. Betting on China uncovers the implications of how the world’s two greatest economic players are calling the shots on the future of global economic growth.

As a consultant and financial advisor, Rob works with Western and Asian companies on their market development, fundraising, and investment strategies. He is also active in the field of strategic investor relations (IR), advising a number of publicly listed Chinese companies on how to best communicate their financial performance to the investment community at large.

Rob previously served as Managing Director of Beijing-based CITIC Rising Star (an entertainment and leisure real estate development subsidiary of China’s largest financial conglomerate, the CITIC Group). He also worked with world-renowned financier Michael Milken as a Research Fellow at the non-profit economic think tank, the Milken Institute. At the University of Southern California Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, as an Adjunct Professor he has taught undergraduate and MBA courses on technical entrepreneurship and global entrepreneurship. He remains a member of USC’s US-China Institute.

Rob’s written and spoken opinions and analyses appear in the Los Angeles TimesThe Economist publication Business Asia, the Chicago Tribune, Singapore’s Business Times, and Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shinbun, among others. Rob completed an English translation of a best-selling Japanese illustrated manga biography on George Soros (John Wiley, 2005). He also has written on China’s growing R&D capacity in high tech industries and on reform of China’s financial system.

Rob Koepp holds a BA in Asian Studies from Pomona College and MBA from the University of Cambridge. A Truman Scholar, he was also awarded a Fellowship from the Thomas J. Watson Foundation for post-graduate fieldwork in China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia on the history and evolution of Chinese-based calligraphies.

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    • Regional economic development – especially in the context of global technology businesses
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