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A story that will change your life


Robby Kojetin

travels from South Africa

From Wheelchair to Mount Everest - A story about finding joy, discovering the meaning of life and recovering stronger!

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The inspiring keynote speaker Robby Kojetin has quite a story to tell. A story that will motivate you and make you fight for what you want. Robby is praised for his raw and honest keynotes and his ability to inspire and motivate people to go after what they want!

Why you should book speaker Robby Kojetin

  • Robby has one of those stories that makes you think twice about what you do. His story will not only impact your professional life and career – it will change your personal life and make you a better and stronger person!
  • Robby’s story is quite unique and he went through doubt, misbelief, hopelessness, pain and depression but his ability to engage with the audience and present a story about challenges and adversities makes everyone relate. As a result, they will listen, learn and grow.

Keynote speaker Robby Kojetin has always had one thing on his bucket list: to climb Mount Everest. This became his driving force and the beginning of a long journey full of ups and downs. Robby broke both his angles in an indoor climbing accident. It permanently damaged his angles and put him in a wheelchair for what he describes as the longest year of his life. Doctors and experts told him he would never be able to climb again, but he was determined and held on to his bucket list as the only glimpse of hope and motivation.

Robby proved everyone wrong and three years after the accident, he stood at the summit of the biggest mountain in the world. Today, he tours the world and shares his story about never giving up, inspiring thousands of people to find their passion and turn it into action. As a speaker Robby Kojetin is dynamic, professional and engaging. Every person in the audience will relate to Robby’s challenges as he opens up about losing everything in a split second and feeling like there is nothing you can do – luckily, there is. Let Robby take your audience on a journey that will leave them with more determination than you ever thought was possible!

See keynotes with Robby Kojetin

    Keynote by speaker Robby Kojetin

    Recover Stronger – An inspirational journey from the seat of a wheelchair to the summit of Mount Everest

    • In this popular keynote, Robby shares his inspirational and raw story about getting to the summit of Mount Everest. This keynote can be tailored to your organization and will have different focus points. Whether dealing with mental health, change, physical setbacks or depression, this presentation is what you need to feel inspired and motivated to take action.

    Keynote by speaker Robby Kojetin

    The Bucket List Effect – A List to Start Living for

    • In this keynote, Robby explains how his bucket list saved him and gave him a reason to get out of bed in the morning. As employees, mothers, fathers, friends or neighbors, we perform better when there is meaning behind action. This keynote creates perspective between success and happiness and addresses the importance of a good work/life balance.
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