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Robert Craven

Robert Craven

Customer and Sales Expert
Country: UK

Robert Craven is a highly sought-after speaker with a specialty in customers (getting and keeping them). He has helped numerous businesses increase their sales and retain customers. His keynotes are a combination of entrepreneurial skill, academic credential and tremendous communication skills that all make for fresh talks filled with useful tips and tools.

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Robert is one of the UK’s best-known and most popular speakers and for good reasons.

He helps you get more customers and sales in to your business.

Extremely few UK speakers combine his entrepreneurship thinking credentials, academic credentials, and communication skills.

Unlike many, he is able to combine the wisdom of experience in a fresh and compelling presentation that makes all of that history relevant and pertinent to today’s businesses.

He is not full of theoretical rhetoric; he offers practical solutions – tangible business results.

Robert’s work on customers (getting and keeping them!) has been widely published and acted upon by thousands of businesses.

    Keynote Topics

    • Customers – and customer experience
    • Strategy – making it happen
    • Marketing – generating revenue
    • Profit – delivering to the bottom line
    • Service Firms – running/growing professional service firms
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship – making things happen
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