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Robin Crow

Entrepreneur, Musician & Author
Country: USA

Robin Crow is a best-selling author, an accomplished and respected  entrepreneur as well as a musician and a RCA recording artist. Quite the American success story. He does not just talk about business growth, he lives it each and every day, embodies it. His background is in real and hard-won experience which enables him to talk about what it really takes to perform at your highest level. He is a sought-after speaker and will be able to help you overcome your challenges and grow.

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Robin Crow is a respected businessman and the founder and CEO of three companies, all successful, in three different business areas. As an author, Robin Crow has reached and directly influenced millions of people with his best-selling books. His highly praised and acclaimed titles include Rock Solid Leadership, Evolve Or Die, and Jump And The Net Will Appear.

As a recording artist, Crow has released six albums and collaborated with various musicians including Jon Anderson of Yes-fame, and he also built and maintained the Dark Horse Recording Studio where he has worked with artists like Taylor Swift, One Republic and Faith Hill.

Robin Crow is also a speaker and he has given literally thousands of presentations to a wide range of business and corporate audiences. His goal is to help people achieve real and actual transformation, not by discovering who they are, no, by discovering who can can be, who they might become. He has gained immense respect over the years because of his thirty years of experience in navigating his companies to long-lasting success. His keynotes are based on his practical experience and don’t include any abstract theories that can’t be applied to your specific situation. Robin experiences the same setbacks, challenges and frustrations as any other leaders or founders, and he knows how to overcome them.

Robin Crow resides in Tennessee and Colorado and he very much enjoys throwing barbecue parties for friends and clients as well as spending quality time with his four children.



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