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Roger Dawson

Roger Dawson

Power Negotiating Expert
Country: USA

Roger Dawson has been a full-time professional speaker since 1982. He was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame in 1991, an honor shared by Ronald Reagan, Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar and Art Linkletter. He delivers content and humor filled messages that delight meeting planners around the world. Business executives love Roger Dawson for his ability to teach their people how to improve profits.

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Power Negotiating Expert, Speaker, Author

“Make More Sales with Power Negotiating Tactics”

Roger Dawson was born in England and came to this country in 1962. He became a US citizen in 1972. His business background includes being president of one of California’s largest real estate companies, with 28 offices, five hundred and forty sales associates, and a volume of over $400 million dollars per year.

As a full time speaker since 1982, he has trained managers and salespeople at the top companies and business associations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, China, New Zealand and Australia. He was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame in 1991.

Business executives love Roger Dawson for his ability to teach their people how to improve profits and make more sales with Power Negotiating tactics.

Meeting planners love Roger Dawson for his ability to put on a terrific presentation that is custom-tailored to their audiences and filled with content and humor. Roger is the author of “Secrets of Power Negotiating” and founder of the Power Negotiating Institute. He is full time speaker and author and travels around the world giving seminars to corporations and associations.

His audio programs can teach you the business skills you need to compete and win in today’s challenging business environment. His audio program “Secrets of Power Negotiating” has sold over $38 million worth and is the best selling business audio program ever published.

    Keynote Topics

    • Secrets of Power Negotiating
    • Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople
    • Secrets of Power Persuasion
    • Confident Decision Making
    • Beginning negotiation gambits – How to Flinch, Bracket, Play Reluctant Seller, use the Vise. Six reasons why you should always ask for more. Two reasons for never saying Yes to the first proposal.
    • Developing personal power – Title Power, Reward and Punishment Power, Consistency Power, Charismatic Power, Information Power, Expertise Power and Situation Power.
    • Middle negotiating gambits – Higher Authority. Don’t offer to Split the Difference. How to test for validity when faced with a problem. The Declining Value of Services. Always ask for a Trade Off.
    • The three stages of every negotiation – How to handle an angry person using techniques developed by hostage negotiators.
    • Ending negotiating gambits – Good Guy/Bad Guy. Nibbling. Walk Away Power. How to handle Impasses and Deadlocks. A brief workshop exercise. Positioning for easy acceptance.
    • Principles of Power Negotiating – The nine principles that always affect a negotiation.

    At the end of each module participants take a brief quiz.

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