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Implementing martial arts and humor with education for optimized learning experiences

Ron Shuali, M.Ed.

travels from USA

Breathe and stretch through engaging and entertaining keynotes on how to address and improve success

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Top motivational speaker Ron Shuali has expertise in education and martial arts. He makes audiences laugh, listen and learn to succeed with his engaging keynotes.


  • Rons’ compelling keynotes addresses and appeals to many different crowds on how to address and improve success. These crowds include:
  • Children: Rons’ keynotes discuss how to find solutions within difficult emotions that may arise and how to properly express them accordingly. He also introduces fun fitness and other activities essential for developing successful students.
  • Parents: Discussions on empowering their children with the proper tools needed for self esteem and self image. Ron introduces his powerful Yogarate mechanisms for relaxation, relief, respect and even, belly breathing.
  • Corporate world: Discussions include team-building, leadership and communication skills to be used in group activities and gaining the adaptability to transfer these successful habits into their work force.
  • The teacher: Ron discusses the unconscious miscommunication teachers may have as adults in conversation with children.  Ron teaches the secret on how to be empowered both inside the classroom and at home.


“Nobody watches the clock when Ron is on stage.” Speaker Rons’ talks are thought-provoking and inspiring.His extensive experience in stand-up comedy, improvisational theater, and professional wrestling allow speaker Ron Shuali to engage, excite and educate audiences using all of their senses.

Ron’s ability to quickly engage his audiences with real-life stories, while simultaneously introducing techniques and concepts, is exceptionally effective. His audiences learn through laughter and always walk away excited about the techniques that Ron shares.

Currently, Ron Shuali and his team teach Yogarate in over 50 schools within the tri-state area including the true future leaders of the planet at the preschool at the United Nations. Yogarate is what you get by combining hard martial arts, like Kung Fu and Karate, with the soft martial arts of yoga and Reiki.

Ron Shuali, M.Ed has spent over 15 years working and presenting in the education marketplace. Book him for both an educational talk AND an experience.

See keynotes with Ron Shuali, M.Ed.

    Keynote by speaker Ron Shuali

    Breaking the Bullying Circle: Real Solutions to Stop the Hurting

    • Attain a better understanding/awakening about their automatic response systems and how they can choose to how to respond/react to a potential bully in their own life.
    • Learn how people may accidentally create a bully in a child in their life by responding in a way that leaves the child feeling diminished or dis-empowered.
    • They learn the structure of a “clean-up” conversation to take steps to ensure the child doesn’t leave the interaction upset and looks to bully others.
    • Walk through a conservation clarifying the difference between tattling and being a helper. This powerful distinction has more bystanders of bullying let more adults know about bullying situations
    • Bullying someone is a response to hurt from within. And being a victim is a choice. Straight conversations and real solutions can stop unnecessary bully-cides and shoot shootings

    Keynote by speaker Ron Shuali

    The Empowered Educator: 3 Success Secrets to Terrific Teaching

    • This talk focuses on expanding the current world that your participants live in by having them experience many different ways that we miscommunicate with children and adults without being aware of it.
    • They will learn 3 secrets to being more empowered both inside the classroom and at home in areas like but not limited to behavior management strategies, self-regulation and overall general health. They will leave with eagerness in their eyes to try out these secrets.
    • Get a better understanding/awakening about their automatic response systems and how they can choose to how to respond/react to a potential bully in their own life

    Keynote by speaker Ron Shuali

    Yogarate®: Yoga and Martial Arts for Social Emotional Success

    (Pronounced Yoga-Rah-Tay)

    • Yoga and Martial arts blended into one age-appropriate experience.
    • Your participants are engaged and laugh through a keynote like no other. Activities include breathing, stretching, giggling, blocking, learning, singing, thinking, jumping, throwing and a lot of smiling.
    • Participants discover a new way to effectively communicate with fellow teacher, parents and children for the best possible results.
    • Your staff will leave the room empowered, excited and energized.
    • The audience gets to choose their level of participation as the games and activities can be done in their chairs or at the front of the room in a designated movement area.

    Keynote by speaker Ron Shuali

    Team Building for the Corporate World

    • Participants enjoy the opportunity to play games and interact with their teammates, working together towards a common goal.
    • Leadership and communication skills will be used and improved as we demonstrate effective listening skills, rephrase verbiage to promote positivity and learn how to maintain a happy work environment by decreasing our own negative self-talk.

    Keynote by speaker Ron Shuali

    The B.E.S.T. Keynote: Busy Employees Solution to Training

    • Sick days, backaches, stress and depression are just some causes for decreased focus and efficiency.
    • The Busy Employee’s Solution to Training (B.E.S.T.) is a fun and dynamic workshop that will have your staff stretching and strengthening their muscles while learning how to breathe properly
    • They will reduce and eliminate continuous work-hindering pains like carpal tunnel, neck, lower back, sciatic, and knee pain.
    • All from the comfort of their chairs. While they get stronger, healthier and remove nagging pains, they get happier and more effective in the process.
See keynotes with Ron Shuali, M.Ed.


I attended this program and it was GREAT! Great, great, great! We loved it, laughed hard and learned some new techniques. This guy might be fun to have as a person who comes in and works with the kids, even if it's on a quarterly basis. The fact that his techniques work with my son is amazing to me - I am loving it. Just wanted to give you some terrific feedback and thank you for making this available to us. If the teachers have an opportunity to see Ron in action - I would highly recommend it. Again, it's like seeing a stand-up comic perform where you actually learn something.

Parent Testimonial about Behavior Management Workshop

I just wanted to thank you again for your services, everything was great today and I feel the staff and kids all got something out of it. Ron was extremely personable, using real life experience to connect with his audience which was extremely effective! The feedback has been positive from the students, and I look forward to seeing them implement some of the skills that Ron taught them. Thanks again and I look forward to using your services in the future.

Mary Naumowitz

Pleasantech Charter School
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