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Ryan Hogarth

Change, influence and technology expert
Country: South Africa

Keynote speaker Ryan Hogarth is a fast thinker and knows how to capture an audience. Ryan’s speaking engagements revolves around social media trends and the importance of mobile and technology in general in today’s business environment. Ryan blogs about different technology trends and tries to decipher the language of the market.

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Ryan Hogarth is the author of the recently published “How to Win Influence & Friend People”. He has spent the last 5 years immersing himself in the world of Social Media, Mobile and Technology to understand how these have caused the seismic shift in business thinking we have seen in the last decade.

He maintains a regular blog and has written for Die Beeld, Business Tech, Meetings SA, BusinessTech, Franchise Warehouse, Skyways, Human capital Review & Shop-SA. He has worked with such clients as Ernst & Young, IBM, ITweb, General Motors, FNB & Telkom.

As a sought after speaker on change, communication and social business Ryan has an expert grasp and knowledge of the changing face of business being created by mobile, social and eBusiness, not just as marketing tools but the impact on human resources as well as risk and privacy implications brought by the social generation. Some of the largest companies have employed Ryan to help provide insight into the new, fertile, and yet unexplored environment of social business.

    Keynote by Speaker Ryan Hogarth

    “How to Win Influence & Friend People: The new business manifesto for Generation X”

    • Trust has replaced control in the quest for influence with customers. This presentation (and its extended workshop & intervention) lays out the process to winning influence through trust.

    Keynote by Speaker Ryan Hogarth

    “The Challenge of Change: Innovative Thinking. You & your business in today’s new economy”

    • In association with business partner Michael Jackson this presentation takes the audience through watershed moments in history to arrive in modern-day business thinking.

    Keynote by Speaker Ryan Hogarth

    “The Social Business Imperative: Mobile, Social, eBusiness”

    • The growing number of Fortune 500 companies embracing social media is an indicator that this medium is being incorporated. As at the end of 2012, 73% of the Fortune 500 companies have a Twitter account with each industry being represented, while 66% are on Facebook. Designed for all levels, this keynote presentation helps bring the change needed to do so effectively to your business, your partners and, most importantly, your customers.

    Keynote by Speaker Ryan Hogarth

    “Social Media: Risk, Privacy & Reward”

    • The sheer pace of technology demands that business become expert in identifying and removing “business friction” and to play their part of establishing an innovative and truly modern business. This presentation shares information on some of the risks and more importantly how implementing such platforms have changed the way we do business. Ryan’s skills in presenting makes for an impactful, memorable and engaging presentation. He presents his lively and dynamic keynotes in an informative, inspiring and entertaining manner. Ryan presents with great authority and purpose.
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