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A sportsman's keynotes on combining football with business

Sam Wyche

Sam Wyche

travels from USA

Former professional football player, coach, and beloved broadcaster teaching how success be adapted to any endeavor

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Keynote speaker Sam Wyche has had a whirlwind career in the world of football where he started out as a talented player, moved on to be a successful coach, beloved broadcaster and motivating speaker. He delivers keynotes with a focus on motivation, sports and achieving results.

Keynote speaker Sam Wyche has had an exciting career both as a player and coach in the world of professional football. He started out playing for the Wheeling Ironmen of the Continental Football League in 1966. He became one of Paul Brown’s original Cincinnati Bengals in 1968 and played in the Bengal’s first play-off game in 1970 vs the Baltimore Colts. He played on George Allen’s “Over-the-Hill Gang” as a Washington Redskin, and played in Super Bowl VII vs the 17-0 Miami Dolphins.

Before retiring in 1976, Sam played for the Detroit Lions, St. Louis Cardinals, and Buffalo Bills. He moved on to direct the passing game for Bill Walsh’s San Francisco 49ers from 1979-1982, and then coached Joe Montana to his first Super Bowl victory in  Super Bowl XVI.

In 1983, Sam Wyche was named Head Coach at Indiana University. He later became Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals from 1984-1991. Additionally, he has coached the Boomer Esiason led team to Super Bowl XXIII and was voted the “Timmy Award” winner as NFL Coach of the Year in 1988. In 1984, Sam created and developed the “no-huddle” offense and initiated sideline huddles during time-outs. From 1992-1995 he worked as Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 1996, he paired with Marv Albert on NBC’s NFL broadcasts. He spent one year as part of the pre-game and halftime studio show for NBC. In 1998, Sam paired with Kevin Harlan on CBS’s NFL broadcasts through the 2000 season.

After an intense battle with heart disease, viral cardiomyopathy, the resilient speaker Sam Wyche joined the Buffalo Bills as their QB coach in 2004 and 2005. Being an accomplished speaker Sam Wyche has learned lessons on the field that can be helpful to everyone. He keeps his audience excited and engaged with his delightful sense of humor and great personal appeal. He can tailor a presentation to the specific needs of any audience, weaving stories of triumph and work ethic into a message that inspires, motivates, and teaches how success on the field can be adapted to any endeavor.

Coach Wyche has been a private pilot since 1970. He Loves to ride his Harley, and enjoys golf, hiking, and magic. He has even authored a comic strip called “Know Huddle” that appeared in papers around the country; is working on his first book; writes an opinion column in local newspapers; and consults with high school and college football programs.

Keynote speaker Sam Wyche is one of only four NFL veterans who participated in a Super Bowl as a player, assistance coach, and a head coach. The other three are: Mike Ditka, Dan Reeves, and Tom Flores. He was the winner of “Outstanding Alumni Award” by Furman University and the Moore School or Business at the University of South Carolina

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    Speaker Sam Wyche Keynote Topics

    • The difference between a good team and a championship team
    • The office is like a huddle on third down
    • What makes the boss a leader
    • How some teams find a way to win
Sam Wyche - video

Former Bengals HC Sam Wyche on His Famous Browns-Bengals Moment - 1/3/18

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Interview with Sam Wyche

What is your best experience as a speaker?
Interaction with the audience–I include stories about their company or organization that I have learned from pre-speech talks…humor and, occasionally, magic!

What is the message you hope people take away?
I drive home the motto, or slogan, or theme for the meeting using analogies to football and players and games they have seen on TV.

How are your keynotes unique?
I use many football (not all) situations and stories that resonate with them at their work place.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?
That depends on the group I am talking to…Every event has its own “life lessons” that sometimes evades those closest to it–I expose and extrapolate from their experience to offer constructive responses when those occasions occur again–and they will.

How do you combine sports with business?
I use “parables”. Lots of short stories that get straight to point and bring to life the fact that sports demonstrate real life experiences.

What makes a successful team?
Loyalty, being specific, aggressiveness, finishing what you start, and thinking beyond the traditional thought and leadership that convinces the team that the rewards of success are worth the effort.

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