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Sandja Brügmann

Leading Scandinavian Authority on Sustainable Leadership
Country: Denmark, USA

Our speaker Sandja Brügmann is a vibrant and inspiring speaker with a commitment to help people grow through her field of expertise – sustainable leadership, where she creates business cultures, where business, people and planet thrive. She is a sought-after leadership and communication strategist, author, international speaker and innovative visionary.

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The international speaker Sandja Brügmann is a sustainable business and communication strategist and thought-leader, sustainable and regenerative leadership expert, educator and published author. Lederne (Danish leadership organization) names her one of the “world’s leadership gurus” 2016.

Sandja serves the global business community to create strong and magnetic brands and extraordinary leaders with an ambition and focus on growth, sustainability & exponential innovation for the past 18 years. As managing partner and founder of Refresh Agency and The Passion Institute her business portfolio includes respected companies like Sustainable Brands, Crocs, Spier, ITO EN, Promote Iceland, F5, LEGO, Ledernes Kompetence Center, University of Colorado Boulder, and The Body Shop.

Our speaker Sandja Brügmann advocates for systemic thinking and sensing to drive business to be part of the solution, investing in leadership and organizational transformation fit to create the emerging future, and a shift where success is measured in how a company is the best for the world through the 5P bottom line: Passion, purpose, people, planet and profit.

She is the creator of The Future of Leadership program in partnership with Ledernes Kompetence Center in Copenhagen, an external lecturer at DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad teaching women & leadership, external lecturer at University of Colorado Boulder’s Masters of the Environment program teaching conscious leadership, on the board of directors ‘brain trust’ of Leading Humans, lead Conscious Leadership educator at Inclusive Leadership by Living Institute serving private and public business leaders.

The renowned speaker Sandja Brügmann is a regularly featured expert in international business and sustainable lifestyle media including Inc Magazine, Business Insider, Huffington Post, CBS, Ledelse Idag, Jyllands Posten, Prevue Magazine, CSR Magasinet, Lederne and an engaging thought-leader and passionate speaker at industry-leading conferences, academic settings and business events including Sustainable Brands (Copenhagen), Natural Products Expo West & East (USA), Reporting 3.0 (Amsterdam), University of Colorado (USA), Promote Iceland (Reykjavik, Iceland), CSR & Communication (Denmark) and Female Leadership Summit.

    Speaker Sandja Brügmann Keynote topics

    All Sandja Brügmann’s speaking themes build on sustainable and social business drivers and trends, driving exponential change through conscious leadership, unlocking the human potential for creative, resourceful solution-focused innovation, high cognition processes like systems thinking and feeling for business to create solutions to the challenges we are facing in the world today. The keynote speaker Sandja Brügmann works with success measured in the 5P bottom line: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Profit.

    • Sustainable Leadership
    • Future of Leadership and work
    • Women in Leadership, inclusion & diversity
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