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Scott Greenberg

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Leadership, performance, and franchise speaker helping business leaders and teams grow their organizations

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5 out of 5 stars

"He's awesome if you want a customized presentation for your group. I have never had a speaker work so hard to become intimate with our issues and opportunities and make the content so relative.

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Keynote speaker Scott Greenberg is a high energy speaker with over two decades of international speaking experience, as well as a fascinating life story, and experience with building and owning an award winning franchise.

Why book speaker Scott Greenberg?

  • He demonstrates leading with excellence. Using his knowledge and successful experiences, speaker Scott Greenberg dominates the topics of employee elevation. He engages employers and employees into new heights of success.
  • He personalizes all of his keynotes to his audiences. Scott has over ten years as a successful franchisee named “Best Customer Service,” he shows organizations the steps taken to achieve such a prestigious award, and how to attain an expanding high-performance team.
  • His ideas are NEXT LEVEL. He makes his conversations easy to retain and advises audience members appropriately given your companies status. He pushes for advancement as individuals and as a team.

“Technology means running a franchise; technology means your style of leadership. It’s the techniques and methods that you’re using to accomplish certain objectives, meaning we need to be able to update ourselves and not get comfortable.”- Speaker Scott Greenberg.

Meet Scott Greenberg: one-part business game-changer, one-part motivational leader. Fueled with over 10 years’ experience as a multi-unit, award-winning franchise owner, Scott practically wrote the book on what it takes to transform businesses from average to extraordinary.

Scott delves into the HUMAN factors of business that directly impact how well people work. He helps leaders think at a higher level with a peak performance mindset that keeps emotions in check and yields the clearest, most productive perspective possible. He helps them lead more effectively so they can develop their teams into a high-performance workforce. Finally, he helps them serve better and create emotionally satisfying experiences customers remember, talk about, and want to repeat. Improving business from the inside out, he co-created an innovative management diagnostic and leadership tool, 30-Second Leadership™, that enhances employee mindset, skill-set and performance.

Scott will get your group excited about their business goals and help make them a reality. As a sought-after international speaker, Scott ignites audiences with engaging, high-energy and customized programs that leave audience members with proven strategies and long-lasting inspiration. Scott is the expert organizations call on to boost performance and elevate their business.

Scott is author of The Wealthy Franchisee: Game-Changing Steps to Becoming a Thriving Franchise Superstar, published by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a VIP contributor to Entrepreneur and a frequent contributor to Nation’s Restaurant News, Global Franchise Magazine, QSR Magazine and Franchise Business Review.

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Keynote by speaker Scott Greenberg

You’ve Got This! The Human Factors of RESILIENCE & RESULTS

This uplifting, content-rich program inspires attendees to embrace change, upgrade workplace performance and offers practical takeaways that immediately translate into actionable results.

Scott will teach your organization the three factors that determine outcome in any business situation. He’ll outline the difference between problem-solving and resiliency, and share five strategies for living and working with more strength and courage. Finally, he’ll explain how your group can create a culture of support and inclusiveness, so organizations thrive as a whole.

This program is filled with actionable strategies, impactful stories and practical life lessons that will give your team lasting strength and inspiration.

Audience takeaways:

  • Navigate more effectively through market change, burn-out and setbacks
  • Identify the three factors that impact results and focus on the areas where you have the most control
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy, less emotion
  • Discover the most common mental blockers that sabotage business performance and how to avoid them
  • Create a work culture that everyone can get behind and how to regularly reinforce it to promote seamless teamwork and high-performance
  • Elevate the individual and group performance of your team
Keynote by speaker Scott Greenberg

30-Second Leadership: The Simple Coaching Method for Making Employees Great

Discover 30-Second Leadership, a field-tested management program that has leaders raving! Rooted in real-world experience, this simple, hard skills coaching system will show you how to quickly diagnose an employee’s work performance and prescribe the best corresponding coaching method to boost results and shift employee mindset and productivity in the workplace.

Whether you are a small business owner or a front-runner in a large corporation, if you manage other people, 30-Second Leadership will provide you with immediate, powerful and lasting results.

Audience takeaways:

  • Empower managers with simple, proven steps to engage and INSPIRE their employees
  • Create a common language among management for evaluating employee performance
  • Ensure top employees stay great, feel challenged and elevate others
  • Re-engage employees who may be bored, burnt-out or slipping in performance
  • Transform front-line employees into leaders who will help you grow your business

This workshop is highly-customized and a perfect follow-up to any of Scott’s keynotes. It is available in a 60-90-minute format, half-day workshops and is a popular addition for executive retreats.

Keynote by speaker Scott Greenberg

What They GET vs How They FEEL: How to Create Customer Experiences People Remember, Talk About & Want to Repeat

If you’re ready to learn how TOP business operators stay in the winner’s circle, this presentation is for you. Scott gives you powerful tools to create a service culture that grows loyalty and word-of-mouth and translates success into bigger ticket sales.

Scott shows you how to replace robotic customer service practices with unforgettable experiences that ensure customers remember you, talk about you and can’t wait to come back.

Discover Scott’s field-tested and award-winning approach.

Audience takeaways:

  • Deliver a customer service experience that distinguishes you from the competition
  • Make EVERY transaction a marketing opportunity that brings customers back
  • Optimize your digital footprint by improving your online ratings and reviews
  • Increase ticket average, customer frequency, and word-of-mouth advertising
  • Apply the “Above/Below Effect” so you can not only build your brand but improve your reputation
Keynote by speaker Scott Greenberg

The Optimized Mindset of High-Performing Sales Reps

The sales process is an emotionally charged experience. When expectations aren’t met, profits drop, clients complain or claims soar, sales agents feel it. These feelings cause sales reps to draw incorrect conclusions, lose trust, and panic. Often, they talk to each other, reinforcing their fears and mistrust of the corporate team.

NEXT-LEVEL Sales will give your group the encouragement and tools they need to work at a higher level. They’ll learn to look at business circumstances objectively without allowing emotions to cloud judgement and adversely impact sales.

Audience takeaways:

  • Boost performance, increase work satisfaction, and grow the company’s brand
  • Purposely reframe their business concerns with facts that will help grow and profit their business
  • Understand how great customer service elevates the emotional state of their clients, which in turn, result in bigger sales
  • Harness the power of logos (facts and features), ethos (credibility) and pathos (emotions), and why all three are critical for agency growth and marketing success
  • Objectively process information in order to replace assumptions and fears
  • Move from facilitating transactions to building long-term relationships with clients that increase referrals
Keynote by speaker Scott Greenberg

Game-Changing Steps to Grow Your Business and Become a Wealthier (and Healthier) Franchisee

Get ready to achieve breakthrough performance and growth! In Scott’s signature and most-requested keynote, he will share with you how to transform your business from average to extraordinary.

Scott helps franchisees think, lead and serve at a higher level. With over 10 years as an award-winning, multi-unit franchisee and coach for countless brands, he will show you HOW top franchisees achieve consistent, profitable results (beyond doing more marketing and finding better employees).

Audience takeaways:

  • Increase productivity, efficiency and streamline operations
  • Build MORE WEALTH from the operation you already have
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy and less emotion
  • Inspire employees and delight customers
  • Reduce stress, maintain a healthier lifestyle and have more fun running your business.
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I thought it was great that he reached out to some of our attendees prior to finalizing his presentation, to ensure value.

Sharon Espinosa

The Wills Group

"Scott was very well-received by both our high potential leadership group and our larger group. He was entertaining and engaging, and also delivered meaningful content. We enjoyed working with him and hope to do so again in the future."

Columbia Sportswear

"He's awesome if you want a customized presentation for your group. I have never had a speaker work so hard to become intimate with our issues and opportunities and make the content so relative.

The Entrepreneur's Source

"Oh My!!!!! He was fantastic. Both presentations were amazing. He connected very well with both groups and spent time with our guests when he was not speaking. He was very easy to work with and I would recommend him to any group who wants to "up their game"


Interview with speaker Scott Greenberg.

In this interview, Scott sheds insights on his perspective of entrepreneurship, the importance of staffing, valuing customers, and much more!

-Could you provide us with one example of how your speaking has impacted a direct person/or company?

I presented a half-day program for the regional sales team for a company that sells post-life planning services. It’s a hard sell and a tough job. They struggle to retain their sales force. After my program, the client reported a deeper commitment from their team and an
immediate surge in sales.

-What are some idealistic takeaways for company growth that you believe anyone is able to implement ASAP?

The best way to grow a company is to meet your customers’ needs better than anyone else. The means understanding what their needs are. On the surface it’s our products and services. Beneath the surface is some kind of emotional need. Figure out what that is. Get out of transaction business and get into the experience business. Give them what they came for and make them feel good. That’s the best way to level up your organization. Don’t just fill positions. Build a culture. That’s the underbelly of your brand. It takes ongoing effort, but it’ll pay off big time.

-If there was one piece of insight or advice you would share with entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Running a business is as much an emotional journey as it is a financial one. To go the distance, you need to build your mindset as much as your skill set.

-Why do you feel it is important to focus on customer’s feelings when marketing a product?

It’s the only thing that matters. Nothing drives consumer behavior more than their emotions. If the story of our products and services provides more emotional appeal than our competition’s, we win. At our most basic level, we want to increase pleasure and decrease pain. Our offerings should promise to do one, the other or both.

-In relation to your keynote “THE NEXT-LEVEL EMPLOYEE: Building The Team To Make The Business Thrive” Do you believe its in the staff that you select or how you train the staff you select?

It’s both. We need to recruit people that fit our culture. But if we don’t train them right, coach them appropriately and continuously motivate them, their performance will drop. Busyness is the enemy of leadership. There’s no better use of time than developing your team. Ultimately, that’ll save you time.

-What are some examples of re-engaging your staff after severe burned out?

Praise and acknowledgement are always appreciated. So are new challenges and goals. Putting them in charge of a project or training can also do wonders. People want to keep learning and growing. It’s on management to keep the fire lit.

-Why do you believe that clients should book you for their next event?

I customize every program I present. I speak with the client and interview audience members well in advance so I know what I’m talking about and who I’m talking to. I’ll make sure the group stays engaged and leaves with practical takeaways they can immediately implement. I’m also responsive, on time and will do whatever I can to make your life easier. It’s tough to plan a meeting – I’d love to help!

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Scott Greenberg
Scott Greenberg

5 out of 5 stars

"He's awesome if you want a customized presentation for your group. I have never had a speaker work so hard to become intimate with our issues and opportunities and make the content so relative.

The Entrepreneur's Source. See all references

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