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Sheila Murray Bethel

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Successful business executive Sheila Murray Bethel is an expert on Leadership, speaking on building strong teams, motivating and managing people, creating trust and loyalty, and increasing your bottom line.

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Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel's client list covers Trade Associations, Education Institutions and Government. Dr.Bethel is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame with over 3,000 presentations and over 2 million people in 20 countries. Our keynote speaker Sheila Murray Bethel brings a broad view of current trends and relevant issues that maximize human resource, tackles issues related to management of people and increases bottom line results.

Our speaker Sheila Murray Bethel brings a broad view of current trends and relevant issues that maximize human resources, tackle issues related to leading people, and increases bottom-line results.

Successful Business Executive, Global Expert on Leadership, Best Selling Author, Speaker Hall of Fame
Dr. Bethel is a thriving entrepreneur who has built three successful companies. Business savvy and people-smart, Sheila Murray Bethel understands how and why people perform at their best and what it takes to scale and sustain a successful business.

Training and Development: The thought-provoking speaker Sheila Murray Bethel was Regional Sales Manager for three years for Adventures in Achievement, a training and development corporation with five offices in California and Arizona. In those three years, sales went from under $100,000 a month to $1.2 million a month.

Health Care: Sheila Bethel served for three years as a Founding BOD Member and Director of the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, a not-for-profit national leader in innovative rehabilitation of brain-injured children, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Financial Services:  The Money Lenders, a Californian corporation based in San Francisco, had $300 million in assets and $30 million working capital. Sheila was on the BOD and served as Executive Vice president of Sales and Marketing and COO for four years.

Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel’s client list covers Trade Associations, Education Institutions, and Government. Dr. Bethel is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame with over 3,000 presentations and over 2 million people in 20 countries.

Our speaker Sheila Murray Bethel holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy with a major in Communications and has served at the adjunct faculty of Indiana Purdue University, San Francisco State University, and the University of Southern California. Sheila served as a founding member of the Advisory Council for Amsted University based in Malaysia. Her books are used as course material in 127 universities and colleges worldwide.

Best Selling Author and Columnist
Her latest of five books, A New Breed Of leader, 8 Qualities That Matter Most In The Real World, What Works, What Doesn't and Why are published in English and Chinese and are
winning global praise such as:
” uniquely in tune with the times…right book right era.”
” should be read by every business leader.”
“If you wonder whether you are the kind of leader needed in the twenty-first century, you’re about to find out.”

Advisor/Consultant to Leaders
In addition to wide experience in the business and non-profit world, our speaker Sheila Murray Bethel has worked on special projects with four U.S. Presidents, Governors, Members of Congress, the Justice Department, and the Military. She served on the Board of Advisors of America’s Promise with General Colin L. Powel. Working with the Bush White House in 1990, she and her husband Bill founded the first business school in the old Eastern European block, located in Opole, Poland. Sheila has served on many Boards of Directors in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

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    Keynote by Speaker Sheila Murray Bethel

    Inspirational Leadership – Keeps People Engaged and Moving Ahead

    • Have you ever wondered why people will walk through fire for some leaders or follow them anywhere just to see where the heck they are going?
    • What do Kenneth Chenault, CEO American Express; Oprah Winfrey, CEO of Harpo Productions; and Christopher Cowdray, CEO of the Dorchester Collection hotels, teach us about inspirational leadership?
    • What sets these leaders apart?
    • What gives them that special competitive edge?
    • The answer is they have developed the ability to inspire others to do and be their best.
    • It is about the insight and wisdom to connect with your people in ways that turn a team into a community, accountability into trust, and language into people bridges.
    • It’s about giving followers the tools and skills they need to fulfill their inborn desire for achievement and contribution.
    • What is your obligation as inspiring leader? It’s to motivate, challenge, guide and train your workforce for productivity and sustainability.
    • Dr. Bethel helps clarify and identify the essential 21st century leadership qualities of competence, accountability, openness, language, values, perspective, power and humility.
    • These qualities are a fixed beacon giving direction and purpose to every member of your organization.
    • When you inspire others by leading with these qualities, they are more engaged, productive and committed which, in turn, grows your business, benefits your customers and strengthens your brand.
    • There has never been a time when inspired leaders have been needed more.
    • Leadership is not something conferred upon only the highly educated, the rich or the powerful.
    • You can be an inspired leader who makes a difference.


    Keynote by Speaker Sheila Murray Bethel

    The Quantum Leap from Manager to Leader

    • What’s at the heart of the difference between a good manager and a great leader?
    • Does your organization live by and sustain this deeply critical competence?
    • Do you understand the single, overriding factor that is the transforming element necessary to move from the job of manager to the power of being a leader?
    • It is not rocket science, but without it you cannot lead effectively.
    • More organizations and leaders have failed because they lost sight of this one factor than any other cause.
    • Once it is firmly in place, all else is possible, you can move mountains.
    • Dr. Bethel demystifies the seemingly magic component – the DNA – that great leaders and great organization possess.
    • Using her experience working with over 3,000 organizations, Sheila explains and demonstrates how to capture, understand and apply the how and why of this single element in everyday situations.
    • She uses real-life examples your audience understands.
    • They’ll see that the crew of Apollo 13 had it, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both have it, and Andrea Jung, CEO of Avon, has it.
    • Now is the right time to invite Sheila to share these rich insights on how to earn trust, loyalty and respect by discovering the one concept that allows people to make the quantum leap from manger to leader.


    Keynote by Speaker Sheila Murray Bethel

    The Art and Skill of Creating and Leading

    • Is your organization using all the team-building tools available to chart a course for the future you want?
    • More than any other leadership quality, the art of team building encompasses all of your other talents.
    • It is the catalyst to all you want to accomplish.
    • Times have changed and so has the concept of team building.
    • In a world where people feel increasingly disconnected and isolated, collaboration, trust and camaraderie become more valuable every day.
    • Technology gives us excellent tools as aids for team building.
    • However, in the process of using these tools, we have become technologically excellent and humanly challenged.
    • We must make sure that we continually make those human connections, no matter how far flung we are, across the office or across the world.
    • We all want to be a part of something larger than we are, to feel that we can make a difference.
    • How do you create an environment where teams are born and thrive?
    • The payoffs for great team building are enormous.
    • To build and sustain your team you must concentrate on the five basics of servant-leader team building: directing, motivating, training, delegating and reward and recognition.
    • People want to be led, not managed.
    • As leader, you control the environment where teams are born, nurtured and thrive. Football coaches Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi and business leaders Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo and Ursula Burns of Xerox are classic examples Sheila uses to expand thinking about teams.
    • Dr. Bethel expands thinking, stirs imaginations and opens minds about being a team builder in an age where working together cohesively has more challenges than anything we could have imagined in the 20th century.
    • It’s a new world, and we must take a new look at the art and skill of team building in the 21st century.


    Keynote by Speaker Sheila Murray Bethel

    Leading Others Through the Gauntlet of Change

    • Making a real change is the hardest process any person or organization ever confronts. It is also one of the most rewarding. Yet some people resist productive change.
    • What causes these barriers and why are they so hard to overcome?
    • How can you stay sane, healthy and effective in times of turbulence?
    • What are the indispensible ABCs of personal and organizational change?
    • In her content-rich change program, Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel lays out clear, common sense how-to’s designed to help you and your organization keep up with ambiguity and uncertainty as you move forward into a prosperous future.
    • You’ll learn how to maintain a sense of humor and balance while gaining more control in any change process.
    • Using her own life filled with extraordinary change, going from the ironing board to the executive board, Sheila shares a wealth of ideas, actions and skills that decrease stress, prevent burnout, increase productivity and make work and life more enjoyable.
    • Discover how Jim Senegal, CEO of Costco, and Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami, maintain productivity amidst change.
    • You’ll learn how the language of change keeps people and situations in perspective, motivates and inspires a bias for action, builds cooperation and trust, and maintains focus on key issues in our topsy-turvy world.
    • Leading in times of change is like making bread – you are the yeast that helps people rise to the occasion.
    • Whether you lead a small team or major organization, Dr. Bethel fills your toolbox with a strong set of change tactics to lead others through the gauntlet of change.


    Keynote by Speaker Sheila Murray Bethel

    Unforgettable Customer Service Begins With Great Leadership

    What can you learn by examining the shared values and practices of world-class service organizations such as: Costco, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, the Dorchester Collection Hotels, and Nordstrom’s? Our speaker Sheila Murray Bethel has given keynote presentations and conducted seminars for some of the finest service organizations in the world.

    She carefully explores the compelling evidence of a people-first leadership style. These organizations walk built up their foundation on ethics revolving around the motto “we care about our customers as much as we care for our own employees.” Sheila challenges commonly known myths about who your competition is and why a new perspective is so important. You’ll explore the 3 steps to move from customer service to the enduring quality of value-added customer focus:

    • Customer Servicing, the operations part, doing the task well.
    • Customer Relations, the human part, those one-on-one interactions.
    • Customer Development, the sales and retention part that brings true satisfaction to every transaction.

    Dr. Bethel ties these 3 concepts as links in a circular chain with a single purpose: a satisfied, happy, loyal, referral-generating customer. The keynote speaker Sheila Murray Bethel offers powerful and practical ideas to help you convert customers into “ambassadors of good will” whose referrals cement the reputation of your business, support your brand and set you apart from your competitors.

    These 3 strategic tools open the way for you to join the realm of customer service giants and become a trendsetter, not a follower. Unforgettable customer service always begins with an investment in great servant leadership.


    Keynote by Speaker Sheila Murray Bethel

    Where the Rubber Hits the Road – Exceptional Frontline Customer Service

    • Would you be shocked to learn that 68% of your customers who quit doing business with you do so because they were treated badly?
    • In our increasingly competitive global environment, you cannot afford to be a part of that statistic.
    • Because response matters and caring really does count, it is critical that an emotional connection with your customers is at the very foundation of your service ethic. This connection is often the most underestimated and under-used service quality.
    • The best frontline people – in person, on the phone or on the net – are those with not only the standard skills of: calming upset customers, asking questions and being a good listener; they have that all important emotional connection that says, “we really care about you as a customer and we want to earn your loyalty.
    • “The most successful customer service teams have values and beliefs about serving others that translates into the ability to create loyal customers who become your unpaid ambassadors of goodwill.
    • Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel’s “The 4 A’s of World Class Service” have struck a responsive cord in organizations around the world.
    • This formula has propelled entire customer service departments from mediocre to outstanding.
    • Sheila gives a new depth and meaning to the whole concept of customer service as an attitude, not a department.
    • Unintentionally, every organization has a “sales prevention team.”
    • Be sure your frontline people are not inadvertently part of the problem, but rather part of the solution.
    • This program is the perfect compliment, a welcome addition, to all of your other customer service initiatives.
    • It will enhance them, deepening the understanding of how and why true service benefits not only your customers and your company, but how and why it adds to the quality of life for your frontline people.


    Keynote by Speaker Sheila Murray Bethel

    Lemons Into Lemonade – How to Get – and Stay – Motivated in Tough Times

    • What are the enduring personal strengths needed to stay motivated and inspired in tough times?
    • Can you really motivate yourself into a better life, satisfying job and fulfilling relationships?
    • In this reassuring and timely presentation Sheila gives you a set of powerful life tools, step-by-step actions to build resilience, staying power and enthusiasm for surviving and thriving even in the worst of times.
    • Dr. Sheila deepens your understanding of the extraordinary Five Secrets To Happiness.
    • Every day we see examples of people who have embraced these compelling principles to survive and conquer hardships.
    • Michael J. Fox, the late Christopher Reeves, many cancer survivors, and the “come-back people” of Hurricane Katrina, all discovered these eternal insights and wisdom.
    • You will see that when they are used daily, they can literally turn your life around.
    • You learn to avoid the “negativity trap” and turn pessimistic responses and attitudes into positive actions.
    • You will reexamine how to tap into your inner strengths, values, belief systems and commitment so you have a fresh and better perspective on both your business and personal life.
    • The bottom line is that you can live happier, improve your relationships, and be in more control of your surroundings as you design the rich fulfilling life you deserve.
    • Lemons into Lemonade is all about common sense skills that help you do and be your best, especially in tough time.

Interview with Sheila Murray Bethel

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

When I wrote my best-selling book, Making A Difference, it was not just a book to give a speech about, it is my philosophy of life. It is what I hope all audiences will take away with them; that each person has special skills and talents that they can share with others that can make a difference. That is how we all combine our efforts across the globe to make the world a better place to live and work.

Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

Back to the making a difference theme; there is no one special experience, rather the times when I receive a note, or letter, or email or a call from someone who tells me how they used my ideas or stories to improve their lives or those they care about. When they tell me that I made a difference to them, it is the most special thing that can ever happen. It is my mission!

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

Whether it is a one hour keynote or a two day seminar I ALWAYS speak with the client and cover all the questions in my preprogram questionnaire. I want to make sure we are on the same page. I want to clearly understand what the takeaways and calls-to-action they need to make the meeting or conference one of the best ever.

How do you define inspirational leadership?

With 25 years’ experience lecturing and training on Leadership in over 20 countries I have found that true inspirational leadership is about one thing, regardless of nationality. It is the ability to communicate and live a vision that brings people together with common goals and set of values that helps them be a part of something bigger than themselves. People everywhere want a leader who makes a difference and brings them along for the journey.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

Humor is vital! It is the best bridge between people that exists. A keynote will fall flat if there is no humor to keep people engaged and listening. Humor is the great equalizer. It helps make hard information easier to learn, and easy material more fun. If all a person does is use PowerPoint and give information they should just make a video and send it in. Well prepared and carefully timed humor is the difference between a pro and everyone else.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

I think you would need to ask my clients and audiences that question. I am a storyteller and use personal stories and antidotes with every main point in the speech or training to bring it to the personal level, making it understandable and usable by each person in their own way. This is what I am told is the big difference.

What are some of the important qualities successful leaders possess?

There are eight major qualities that a 21st century leader must possess. These are in my newest book “A New Breed Of Leader – 8 qualities That Matter Most in The Real World” – What works, What doesn’t and Why:

  • Competence Matters…Building Purpose
  • Accountability Matters…Fostering Trust
  • Openness Matters…Generating Integrity
  • Language Matters…Connecting Relationships
  • Values Matter…Forging Community
  • Perspective Matters…Establishing Balance
  • Power Matters…Mastering Influence
  • Humility Matters…Inspiring Authenticity

How can event planners help you make a great keynote and in turn create a successful event?

Event planners are always happy with the results when they help me do my homework. If they are willing to take a half hour (or more for anything longer than keynote) to answer my questions and give me a broad and narrow view of their concerns and goals for the event it is a win-win. My presentations are about them and their audiences, not about me. When someone asks me to do my standard presentation my answer is always the same, “There is no standard, one-size-fits-all speech or training.” Any event planner that takes the time and effort to collaborate with me on content increases the effectiveness of my presentation by 100%!

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